GDBBM – Chapter 1191

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Chapter 1191: “Poppy Flower (3)”


No one would understand Little Lotus’ sorrow. Poppy who had become Jun Wu Xie’s ring spirit had no way of returning back to the Spirit World, unless Jun Wu Xie died…..

That was one point that Little Lotus did not even dare think about.

Although Jun Wu Xie really wanted to determine her ring spirit Poppy’s abilities in the first instant possible, but when the fragrance of poppies had permeated throughout the room like it had earlier, the fragrance of such a flower had contained an element that affected a person’s nervous system. It was still fine for her, but Jun Qing and Long Qi would require a bit of treatment or Poppy’s fragrance would bring them a whole lot of trouble. Without mentioning anything else, if they developed a reliance towards poppies, it would be already be troublesome enough.

Jun Wu Xie had already noticed it, that Poppy’s flower fragrance was more intense than any poppy flower she had come across in her past life. If it was said that the poppy flowers in her past life needed to be specially treated before being extracted and refined to finally be produced as a drug with an effect that would affect a person’s nervous system, then the ring spirit Poppy before her eyes now, with just the fragrance that he was able to emit from his body, had an effect that was already comparable to those carefully refined drugs!

If the remnants of Poppy’s fragrance was left untended to remain within Jun Qing’s and Long Qi’s bodies, it was thought that they would suffer strong repercussions.

“All of you wait here.” Jun Wu Xie said while casting a glance at Poppy, and then she turned to say to Jun Qing and Long Qi: “Uncle and Long Qi come with me.”

Jun Qing and Long Qi were still in a daze, their minds completely blank. Whatever Jun Wu Xie said, they acted accordingly.

But for Little Lotus, see that Jun Wu Xie was going to leave, immediately whined, wanting to follow. Even if you beat him to death, he did not dare to remain in the same room with Poppy, or the one that would end up suffering would surely be him!

Jun Qing followed Jun Wu Xie out of the room and they walked towards the herbs and medicine storehouse within her yard. It could be because the faint smell of herbs had diluted the effects of the remnants from Poppy’s fragrance deep seated within his body and Jun Qing regained back his senses. His gaze then involuntarily fell upon that tiny figure who was shorter than his legs and it remained fixed upon Little Lotus.

Little Lotus had trotted quickly along on his two short tiny legs to follow behind Jun Wu Xie the entire way, deeply afraid that he would lose them. Looking at that shy and bashful demeanor on the boy, Jun Qing had subconsciously allowed a weird thought to sprout in his head.

If Jun Wu Xie were to have a child in the future, would the child be just as adorable and clingy like this one here?

In the instant that that thought manifested, it immediately made Jun Qing feel like he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. Jun Wu Xie was merely fifteen and although she was nearing the age to even think about marriage, but looking at her, she would not be forming a family anytime soon, and a child was just too….. too far off to even think about!

After having arrived as they followed Jun Wu Xie to the pharmacy, Jun Qing and Long Qi sat on one side, watching Jun Wu Xie busying around while Little Lotus with nothing to do, just stood coyly in a corner, not daring to disturb Jun Wu Xie, and feeling too afraid to get too close to Jun Qing and Long Qi.

“My Lord.” Long Qi said, his eyes on the little one, seemingly having thought of something in his mind.

“Hmm?” Jun Qing asked.

“Did you smell, the fragrance emanating out from the child?” After the left the room, along the way over here, Long Qi had detected the fragrant scent of lotus coming from Little Lotus. He did not find that scent unfamiliar, and he believed that Jun Qing would feel the same.

Having it being pointed out by Long Qi, Jun Qing’s eyes suddenly widened.

The scent coming from Little Lotus’ body, wasn’t that the same scent as the lotus seed that Jun Wu Xie had given to him at that time?

At that time, Jun Qing had only seen it as an ordinary lotus seed, but now, he did not dare to look at it in so simple a manner any longer!


Lord Jue: You seek death.

Author Bei: Would you like to for the first time do something “shy shy” with Wu Xie?

Lord Jue: …..

Author Bei: If you do, then help me pull in some monthly votes! Take off that top! And reveal that V line! Get everyone to put in those votes! Once those votes are up there, I will let you and Wu Xie do “shy” things!

Lord Jue: That is enough! [With a cold arrogant front, while silently disrobing.]

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