GDBBM – Chapter 1190

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Chapter 1190: “Poppy Flower (2)”


Towards the chaotic situation in the room, Jun Qing and Long Qi was showing that they really did not understand what was really going on at all and they decided they might as well clamp their mouths shut and took it as they were watching a performance, worried that they might just be seen as being too dumb to comprehend anything out of it.

“Mistress is being showing favouritism. That little dolt is your ring spirit and so am I. Why do I not see Mistress comforting me as well?” The red robed man complained, crossing his arms in front of his chest, as he tilted his head slovenly to look at Jun Wu Xie.

Little Lotus heard that and was immediately unhappy. But banking on Jun Wu Xie having taken his side, he raised his teary eyes and looked at Jun Wu Xie to say: “Mistress, can you don’t want him? He is the worst….. Back in the Spirit World, you won’t be able to find any bad eggs worse than him.”

Having suffered endless bullying and was badly ravaged in the past, Little Lotus didn’t like it in the least that he had to share the same owner with the red robed man as that would mean that he would once again fall into the red robed man’s evil claws!

Little Lotus had just said those words when he could felt as if a fire burning was burning behind his back which frightened him so badly he did not even dare to turn his head to look behind.

“I see that this little idiot has learnt to be smarter, and you now know how to use the circumstances to avenge your personal agenda.” The red robed man said with an eyebrow arched up and he turned to say to Jun Wu Xie: “Whether Poppy stays or not, is entirely up to Mistress to decide.”

“Poppy?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow lifted. The term was exactly the same as it was in her previous life.

Poppy flower, a type that had been discovered in very early times, a plant that could be extracted to be used to concoct various drugs and painkillers. In those years when Jun Wu Xie had been with the organization, she had seen poppy flowers before. Although the organization belonged to neither side of the law and treaded the thin line of grey in between, there were two things that they did not ever touch or get involved in and one was them was drugs.

Because of that, they had even once sent agents to bust up a kingpin drug lord’s nest, torching large swathes of poppy flowers they had planted there…..

In many people’s eyes, the poppy flower was intricately linked to endless crime, a flower of evil, and the drugs concocted from them, had claimed the lives of an immeasurable number of people, and destroyed a countless number of families.

That little flower that was filled with so much evil, was however bright red like blood, beautiful but deadly.

Jun Wu Xie had once cultivated a few poppy flowers in her own lab, but it was not used to make harmful drugs, but was extracted and used in medicine that induced paralysis of the nerves, but….. although the purpose of its use differed, whether it was used to harm people, or to save a person, it would cause the user to develop a high reliance on it, and an addiction hard to eradicate. After conducting some research on it for some time, Jun Wu Xie had not touched it anymore ever since.

Never having expected, that her second ring spirit, would turn out to be a poppy flower!

When she had smelt that familiar fragrance earlier, she had already had some guesses about it.

“That’s right my Mistress, you can address me as such. I am willing to become a poppy flower that blooms only for you alone.” Poppy said as he knelt on one knee at Jun Wu Xie’s feet, his languid manner disappeared, and was at that moment solemn as he gingerly lifted one hand of Jun Wu Xie’s, and sealed his pledge with a light kiss on the back of her hand.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow furrowed up and the little black cat was looking at Poppy with a “you’re so dead” gaze.

[Daring to kiss its Mistress’ hand, if that demon lord ever catches you, it wouldn’t matter if you’re man or ghost, flower or spirit, it will only end in one word, death!]

Poppy was completely oblivious to the little black cat’s inner thoughts and had already gotten up to take a step back. Little Lotus was still avoiding him like the plague as he hid behind Jun Wu Xie, a trembling little mass, his eyes red from crying, looking at Poppy accusingly for all the evil Poppy had once done upon him.

[He didn’t want to share the same Mistress with Poppy! WAAAAHH!] [Who can save him! ?] [Hurry up and come drag this scoundrel away from here now! WAAH!]

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