GDBBM – Chapter 1189

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Chapter 1189: “Poppy Flower (1)”


The red robed man’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Little Lotus with his stubby arms flailing wildly and tiny teeth bared, and the end of his eyebrows lifted slightly as he grabbed at Little Lotus’ swinging arms.

“Haven’t seen you for some time and I see that you have become a whole lot braver.” The red robed man said as he stared at Little Lotus.

The highly indignant Little Lotus found his arms held within the red robed man’s grip and his puny strength was no match for his opponent, and could only look up pitifully with his head raised up, to see the other party’s face staring at him sinisterly.

“You….. You….. You let me go…..” Little Lotus was getting tongue tied.

The red robed man lowered his head and looked Little Lotus with his tears brimming in his eyes and said in a highly teasing tone: “Just now, you wanted me to back off from whose Mistress?”

“Mi….. Mine…..” Little Lotus pouted, on the very verge of tears.

“Oh?” An eyebrow arched up on the red robed man’s face, a red glint flashing in his eye.

“WAAAAH! !” Having been threatened, the forced facade of bravery Little Lotus had put up before almost instantly dissolved as he bawled loudly, the tears gushing out from his eyes, his tiny body shaking like a willow in the wind, looking extremely pitiful.

Jun Qing and Long Qi saw everything before their eyes in flabbergasted amazement, overwhelmed by the sudden wave of information, unable to comprehend just what was really happening at that moment. The only thing that was clear in their mind, was that another tiny little toddler had suddenly appeared, and why had he broken into tears all of a sudden?

The black beast had already morphed back into the little black cat, rolling its eyes as it raised its paw onto its face. Towards Little Lotus’ moronic actions, it really couldn’t force itself to watch on any longer.

[Can that little idiot get any dumber?] [If it was going to be frightened into tears with just a few words from people, what was the purpose that he even came out in the first place! !]

Towards Little Lotus’ sobbing, the red robed seemed to be highly used to it as he stared at the little one who was just bawling his eyes out, and the red robed man’s eyes filled with an evil glint. He gripped both of Little Lotus’ little claws with one hand, and with the other, seemingly well practiced, he slipped it under Little Lotus’ bib…..

Little Lotus began crying even more loudly.

“Eh? Why isn’t it there?” After feeling about, the red robed man discovered nothing but just an emptiness in his hand, which the red robed man was feeling rather unused to. He raised up Little Lotus’ tiny tear streaked face and said: “Little idiot, where are your lotus seeds? Don’t tell me you have been slacking after leaving the Spirit World and you haven’t even been able to produce any lotus seeds?”

“You! You let me go! ! Waaaah…..” Little Lotus continued to cry pitifully.

The red robed man was going to tease him further when unexpectedly, a small fair hand pressed on his arm, and rescued Little Lotus from his evil claws.

Jun Wu Xie pulled Little Lotus, who was crying so badly he was gasping to breathe between his sobs, to her side. She finally knew now, when Little Lotus had said that he did not have many of his lotus seeds left because they had been eaten up by “those guys”. She guessed that this man before her, was one member among those who ate his lotus seeds.

“Mistress! !” Little Lotus looked at Jun Wu Xie with his eyes wet with tears and he fell into Jun Wu Xie’s arms to continue to bawl loudly, as if he had suffered some major injustice.

Little Lotus had never even in his dreams, ever thought that he would see the red robed man here. The Heavens knew, that his legs turn to jelly the moment he sees the man. Back in the Spirit World, that fellow was one of the scoundrels that loved to bully him the most.

He had thought with his Mistress to stick to now and having left the Spirit World, he would be able to avoid those scoundrels. Never had he expected…..

One had now come straight up to the door!

At that moment, Little Lotus felt as if his entire flowery existence had no more hope in front of him!


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