GDBBM – Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: “The Art of Killing (1)”

Even the Emperor had his hands tied in the face of this onslaught by Jun Wu Xie, who else could stand up to her?

Jun Wu Xie didn’t even flinch when she executed Wu Wang and even the Emperor’s father-in-law.

They were court officials who stood above all, beholden only to one. And now, their lifeless bodies lay in the dust.

Mo Xuan Fei, eyes rimmed with tears, surveyed the ground, sword held in his trembling hand.

Why did things turn out like this?


The lone person who stood before the gates, who pushed him to the brink of sanity tonight, was the same lass whom he spurned and dumped?

Jun Wu Xie shifted her gaze from Mo Xuan Fei, whose face was gradually twisting up in further agony, to fall upon the Emperor.

She was waiting for the Emperor to order the release of Jun Xian!

“Jun Wu Xie, you claimed Wu Wang plotted to assassinate the Second Prince, which could still be possible. But how will his grandfather do anything to hurt the second prince, his own grandson?” The Emperor struggled to maintain his composure, as he gripped his hands raw behind his back tightly.

A young girl like this, however merciless, would tend to overlook things and leave weaknesses to exploit in her schemes. How would any grandparent be capable of hurting their own grandchildren?

The Emperor was confident, with this, he had a strong card in hand.

Jun Wu Xie saw the Emperor’s struggle to hide his uneasiness with rage, and raised her hand.

“Long Qi.”

“Here!” Long Qi ran forward and knelt before her.

Jun Wu Xie drew two scrolls from a bag atop the black beast and threw them to Long Qi.


Long Qi stood up, unrolled a scroll, and read in a loud voice:

“Wei Qun Hua, Kai Yuan year twenty third, second month, in Dong Yue City forcefully acquired thirty two residences, killed a total of seventy six farmers. Kai Yuan year twenty third, fifth month, accepted gold taels of one hundred thirty thousand from…..”

Long Qi’s resounding voice reverberated strongly, every word hammered strongly in the hearts of the commoners. “Recorded to this date, Wei Qun Hua is guilty of crimes including arson, murder, looting, persecution of citizens, acceptance of bribes, and more, in a total of three hundred and sixty seven instances. Total number of persons dead in relation to his crimes amount to five hundred and eighty three, and total bribes received amount to gold taels seven million two hundred and seventy thousand…..”

As the crimes were read out one by one, a murmur spread through the crowd below the wall and they all stared with hatred at the body of the father-in-law of the Emperor as it laid in the dust.

Wei Qun Hua had abused his power and favour from the Emperor and threw his weight around, mired deep in evil deeds. With his high rank and authority, many were afraid to speak up in fear of backlash. But now, all his misdeeds were made known to all.

No one in that crowd felt any pity or sympathy. They were only too glad the world was ridden of yet another villain.

The Emperor’s expression darkened. He had known of the evil deeds committed, and had done nothing to stop it. With all the crimes fully exposed to the people in such a manner, Wei Qun Hua’s execution will be welcomed by the people regardless of complicity in the attack on Mo Xuan Fei!

The Emperor was still lost in his thoughts on the passing of his lackey before he realised Long Qi was already on the second scroll reading out aloud in detail of Wu Wang’s various crimes!

The two officials the Rui Lin Army executed, had more than enough reason to die.

Not one among the people lamented their passing of Wu Wang and Wei Qun Hua, and they even cheered for the Rui Lin Army!

For many among the people of Qi, if it was not for the Rui Lin Army, they would never have seen the day their suppressors go under the executioner’s blade!

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