GDBBM – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120: “The Art of Killing (2)”

The Emperor trembled in fear as he stared at Jun Wu Xie. He realised that when Jun Wu Xie kills, she was merciless, and she fully justified it, leaving no room for dispute!

As the cheers from the people grew louder and louder, and the crowd grew into a frenzy, the pedestal the Rui Lin Army were placed upon in their hearts soared higher and higher.

They were more astounded by the previously widely criticised Jun Wu Xie, she had become such a confident and domineering young lady. The negative rumours that circulated previously were all quashed tonight.

A descendant of the Jun Family indeed, an imposing figure at a young tender age!

The pale moonlight cast on Jun Wu Xie, made her glow with a soft subtle radiance, a ravishing beauty. The people who saw her can’t help but think what a moron Mo Xuan Fei was, to have spurned a young lady as mesmerizing as this.

Jun Wu Xie observed them quietly, her eyes surveying their reactions.

The reputation of the Lin Palace was built by Jun Xian single handedly. And her grandfather, her father, and uncle had devoted their lives to uphold the prestige of Lin Palace.

She would never allow the reputation of Lin Palace to be smeared!

Even if she were to force an abdication, she would do it under the banner of justice, and add it to the crowning glory of the Lin Palace.

Jun Wu Xie wanted the Emperor to see his lackeys executed before him, and be helpless to stop her, while bringing the name and prestige of the Lin Palace to the top throughout the lands! Any who oppose the Lin Palace, will be killed!

Killing someone did not necessarily bring criticism, as long as it was justified, it could bring glory.

“Father, are you going to allow Jun Wu Xie to continue with this atrocity?” Mo Xuan Fei was red with rage. Besides being made to watch his grandfather executed, his crimes was made known to all!

The Emperor was pale, he had not expected a young lass to be so meticulous in her plans, taking every small details into account. From the moment she appeared in front of the gates, every move she made was carefully calculated and well linked, forcing him to swallow his anger with her every step. What really frustrated him was, he still cannot come up with any plausible reason to rebutt her!

Jun Wu Xie justified her killings of Wu Wang and Wei Qun Hua with strong reasons. Firstly, the Lin Palace was under orders from the Emperor himself. Secondly, she detailed the crimes committed by them and exposed them for all to know.

These two high walls were impossible to scale and were two very strong shields for Jun Wu Xie.

Although the Emperor would like nothing better than to skin her alive there and then, there was nothing he could do without earning the wrath of the people.

He had never suffered such a setback ever since he ascended to the throne. The suppression of his rivals and the Lin Palace had been upended by the appearance of Jun Wu Xie!

The Emperor racked his brains for a way to diffuse the situation, he knew, Jun Wu Xie will not stop here.

“Instruct the men to kill off Jun Xian.” The Emperor, through gritted teeth, ordered the senior eunuch standing by his side, and the eunuch shuffled off.

With Jun Xian dead, Jun Wu Xie would have nothing to fight for after tonight!

Come the morning, with news of Jun Xian’s death announced, the Lin Palace shall perish!

I just have to pull through tonight, I will have Jun Wu Xie in a thousand pieces!

The Emperor was blinded with rage, while Jun Wu Xie was just beginning her show!

More and more officials were being dragged in by the Rui Lin Army. They were tightly bound, and knelt in a row in front of the gates.

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  1. fan63 says:

    great show here. I see the blood running down the streets and the torches all through the country side .I am blinded by the light reflected off of the soldiers polished shields I can hear the roar of black and the crunch as he snaps someones neck WOW!!! Thanks for the translation

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