GDBBM – Chapter 118

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Chapter 118: “Winds of Change (4)”

It was a night many would remember, many high ranking officials and generals, who were always arrogant and aloof, were dragged forcefully from their residences and palaces by the Rui Lin Army, whimpering and whining.

The guards and hired mercenaries were no match for the Rui Lin Army soldiers, who killed any who tried to stop them from carrying out their orders.

The smell of death and blood spread and hung thickly over the Imperial City. Those officials and generals who resisted had their arms broken and dragged before the Palace Gates, their blood trailing in their wake.

Overbearing might? Dominating authority?

These mattered not to the Rui Lin Army.

Not even the Emperor dared use such ruthless means on so many court officials, but it mattered not an ounce to the Rui Lin Army, whose eyes did not see the pleading and begging of those captured but only the orders they were given by Jun Wu Xie.

Once an order was given, the Rui Lin Army carried it out to their death!

There was no stopping the Rui Lin Army as the killing continued with pockets of feeble resistance put up.

More and more high ranking officials were tied up and carted off.

They never could have imagined, with their high rank and authority, they would ever be subject to such humiliation and treatment.

The brutality of the most elite army of Qi when resisted from carrying out their orders, drives the strongest of men to tears.

Jun Wu Xie stood calmly, the wind blowing behind her, looking up at the Emperor.

The dust kicked up as a horse carrying a captured official stopped beside her. Squealing like a pig to the slaughter, he was thrown unceremoniously to the ground just beside the beast.

The Emperor recognised the man, it was the maternal grandfather of the Second Prince. Before the downfall of the Empress’s family, he received much favour from the Emperor, one of the Emperor’s top lackeys, and he played a big part in the suppression of the Lin Palace, in cahoots with the recently deceased Wu Wang.

Upon seeing his grandfather treated as such by the Rui Lin Army, Mo Xuan Fei shouted, eyes red rimmed: “Jun Wu Xie! Release my grandfather at once! When will you stop this madness!? Do you know what you have done!”

Jun Wu Xie is insane! She has gone mad! She arrested the father-in law of the Imperial Family! What gall!

Jun Wu Xie glanced up at the jumping Mo Xuan Fei, her gaze sweeping past Mo Qian Yuan standing among the crowd.

Mo Qian Yuan burned up at the sight in front of him, his blood coming to a boil. He watched fixedly at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes ablaze.

“Kill.” Jun Wu Xie ordered, her eyes still fixed on Mo Xuan Fei.

“NO!” Mo Xuan Fei screamed.

Long Qi raised his sword, and with a single slash, Mo Xuan Fei’s grandfather lay on the ground as two.

The warm blood splashed on Jun Wu Xie.

The blood of the hated villain, stained the hem of Jun Wu Xie’s dress. The warm blood, like a curse, seemed to fuel her blood thirstiness.

“She has lost her mind! Guards! Arrest Jun Wu Xie immediately! She murdered a court official in public!” Mo Xuan Fei screamed, on the verge of lunacy, seeing his grandfather killed before his eyes, dismembered. He drew the sword from his hip and pointed it at Jun Wu Xie continuing to shout incoherently.

The only answer to his rants, was the howl of the cold chilly wind.

No one on the top of the walls uttered a single sound, and only stared fixedly at Jun Wu Xie, terror in their eyes.

Not even the Yu Lin Army.

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