GDBBM – Chapter 1188

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Chapter 1188: “Greetings, My Mistress (3)”


The red robed man smiled slightly and said: “Mistress is indeed most perceptive. With me in this form, and you still can guess it correctly.” After saying that, his eyes narrowed up and within that thick fragrance in the air, he tried to seek out that faint trace of an elegant scent.

“I think, that I am not my Mistress’ first ring spirit. Or should I say….. I am not your first plant ring spirit.”

[That faint scent of lotus, was so familiar to him and he would never fail to recognise it!]

“Retract that fragrance of yours!” Jun Wu Xie said with a frown. She had prepared herself before this, that a second ring spirit might appear, but she had never thought that it would be after she touched the Soul Jade.

But thinking back on it in hindsight, Jun Wu Xie could very well guess at the reason behind it.

The Devious Wyvern had opened up the doors into the Spirit World and the Soul Calming Jade that had an effect on spirit bodies had acted as the catalyst, which caused her second ring spirit to appear at this moment.

But Jun Wu Xie had not expected that the ring spirit’s true form, could very possibly be that of a flower of evil!

“Mistress does not like the fragrance emanating out from me?” The red robed man’s face suddenly showed an expression of grief.

“If it didn’t cause the limbs of lifeforms to become weak, I think I wouldn’t mind.” Jun Wu Xie said in a cold voice.

In her past life, she had come across a kind of evil flower. The appearance of that flower usually brought with it endless deaths and evil. After she was reborn into this world, she had not seen a plant similar to it here and she had thought that it did not exist in this world, but never had she expected…..

[It exists here, and was even in the form of a plant ring spirit!]

Surprise showed in the red robed man’s eyes, he had never once thought that Jun Wu Xie would discover the hidden effects of his fragrance within such a short period of time. This was the first time that such a situation had happened to him.

“Wu Xie….. You said it’s the fragrance that is causing our bodies to become so weak?” Jun Qing asked in shock. He had been thinking to himself why for no reason, he had suddenly not been able to summon up his power.

Jun Wu Xie nodded and her gaze fell on the red robed man.

The red robed man smiled, and with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders, he lifted his arms and waved his sleeves lightly. The fragrance that pervaded the entire room then quickly dissipated completely in a short period of time!

In tandem with the scent disappearing, Jun Qing and the others found their strength returning back to their bodies!

Jun Wu Xie stood up, and although her face was still rather pale, those eyes on her however did not show the slightest bit of weakness.

“Seems like your humble servant has misjudged you. I had thought that I have met a young and ignorant Mistress, never expecting that my Mistress you would give me such a big surprise. You are my Mistress indeed…..” The red robed man frivolously walked over to come before Jun Wu Xie, and stretched out his hand thinking to put in on Jun Wu Xie’s cheek.

Jun Wu Xie’s brows furrowed up into a frown and was about to dodge when a ray of light suddenly flashed past, in between Jun Wu Xie and the red robed man!

A tiny figure suddenly appeared in front of Jun Wu Xie and moving at a very fast speed, the red robed man who was in close proximity to Jun Wu Xie was pushed back!

“Don’t touch my Mistress! ! !”

Indignant with rage, Little Lotus had suddenly come rushing out, the expression on his fair and chubby face angry and nervous as he waved his short hands angrily in front of him, to push the red robed man physically away from Jun Wu Xie, seeming like the red robed man’s proximity to Jun Wu Xie would profane his Mistress!

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