GDBBM – Chapter 1187

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Chapter 1187:


“Who are you!” Jun Qing asked through gritted teeth while summoning the last ounces of his strength, to look warily at the red robed man.

The red robed man’s eyes turned slightly, to sweep across everyone within the room, his gaze passing over the little black cat who was staring at him with hostility, to finally fall upon the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

“I really had not thought that it would be someone so young.” The red robed man opened his long legs up in a wide stride, to walk towards Jun Wu Xie who was being held within Jun Qing’s arms.

“What are you thinking of doing! ?” Jun Qing saw him coming towards them in approach, and every cell within him was almost going to explode!

The red robed man lifted an eyebrow slightly and looked at Jun Qing who was almost at the end of his strength, and he smiled sinisterly to say: “Not bad, to think that you can hold out till now. That shows you at least have some semblance of capability. But….. whatever I want to do now, you think you have any strength left to even stop me?”

Upon saying that, the red robed man bent down and reached his hand out towards Jun Wu Xie.

As he got a little closer, a look of astonishment flashed in the red robed man’s eyes.

“On you, why do I detect the scent of that little idiot…..”

At the moment of the red robed man’s hesitation, the little black cat morphed into its black beast form and leapt at him, using its sharp claws and fangs to force the man away from Jun Wu Xie!

The red robed man took a step backwards, his eyes narrowed as he stared at the black beast with its bared fangs.

“Arh….. You are also a spirit body?”

“Roar! !” The black beast let out a low roar, the sound shocking Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit awake. The moment they opened their eyes, they saw the black beast faced off with the red robed man and almost by instinct, they immediately saw the red robed man as an enemy!

In the instant the two Spirit Beasts were about to attack, they suddenly discovered that their strength were almost all drained out and even when they just wanted to stand up, they found themselves unable to do it!

The red robed man gave a light laugh, looking at the black beast’s highly aggressive demeanor, his eyes still showing a sort of puzzlement as he turned his gaze back to look at Jun Wu Xie.

“No need to get so excited. I won’t do anything bad anyway.” The red robed man shrugged easily.

Jun Wu Xie’s brows creased up into a frown, the waves within her soul vanished away, but the  residual effects still leaving her rather weak while she seemed to find the fragrance permeating the room rather familiar to her.

That scent, was very much alike the fragrance of a evil flower in her past life.

“Just who are you?” Jun Wu Xie asked chillingly, her eyes narrowed.

The red robed man open up his arms and before everyone’s eyes, he lifted the hem of his robe and knelt on one knee right before Jun Wu Xie!

“Greetings, my Mistress. I am your ring spirit.”

[What! ?]

The moment the red robed man’s words left his mouth, Jun Qing and Long Qi stared at him with wide incredulous eyes.

[Ring spirit! ?] [How is that possible! ?]

They had never ever seen a ring spirit taking a human form. Moreover….. Jun Wu Xie obviously already has a ring spirit, so how could there be a second one?

Looking throughout the lands, all the way from ancient times till now, never had a person ever possessed two ring spirits. Jun Qing and Long Qi could not make themselves believe a single word the red robed man was saying.


Jun Wu Xie’s eyes merely showed a trickle of surprise, but did not exhibit any expression of disbelief, and even the black beast standing before Jun Wu Xie had retracted its aggressive stance.

“You are a plant ring spirit?” Those highly shocking words came out from Jun Wu Xie’s mouth, showing she fully believed the red robed man’s words, which Long Qi and Jun Qing found completely unbelievable!

Chapter 1187: “Greetings, My Mistress (2)”


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