GDBBM – Chapter 1186

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Chapter 1186: [Translator’s Note from Cloud: spoiler title, will be revealed next chapter] 


The little black cat could feel that something was wrong with Jun Wu Xie and it quickly leapt up onto the table, lifted its paw and struck lightning quick at the piece of Soul Jade under Jun Wu Xie’s hand to push it away!

In the instant that Jun Wu Xie’s hand was separated from the Soul Calming Jade, her body suddenly involuntarily started to fall backwards!

Jun Qing was quick on his feet to catch her and when he saw the deathly pallor on Jun Wu Xie’s face, his heart immediately leapt into his throat!

“Long Qi! Fetch the physician quick!” Jun Qing roared anxiously.

Long Qi had turned and was about to dart out the door when a voice suddenly rang out.

“A physician will be of no use!”

Long Qi and Jun Qing immediately looked up and discovered that the voice had actually come out from the little black cat’s mouth, and their faces immediately twisted up into expressions of speechless incredulity.

The little black cat jumped off the table and slipped onto Jun Wu Xie’s body, its little head pressed against Jun Wu Xie’s forehead.

Jun Wu Xie’s condition was obviously a problem that afflicted her soul and bringing in any physicians would not help her in any way, and instead just expose Jun Wu Xie’s real identity. Jun Qing was Jun Wu Xie’s family and the little black cat trusted him and hence it had not had any qualms about speaking before him.

Jun Wu Xie’s consciousness gradually sank into darkness. She seemed to be feeling a that her spirit was being struck by another force continuously, the feeling highly unbearable as her spirit was slowly cracking open from the constant impact, seemingly something was slowly spilling out from that crack!

Suddenly! She opened her eyes wide!

“Wu Xie!” Jun Qing immediately called out when he saw Jun Wu Xie regain consciousness.

Jun Wu Xie’s face however, creased up into a frown, a burning surge was at that moment rushing into her hand!

On her finger, a red light was glowing constantly, the location of the light it was glowing at, was exactly the spot that Jun Wu Xie’s Spirit Ring was!

Her entire finger felt like it had been put over a fire to be roasted, the pain so excruciating that it could drive a person mad!

Jun Wu Xie clutched at her finger stoically, her entire body shaking a little uncontrollably.

Jun Qing and Long Qi at the side were so anxious they were like ants upon a hot pan, but completely clueless on how they could help, unable to do anything but stare fixedly at Jun Wu Xie’s little pale face, their fists tightly clenched up.

All of a sudden!

The glowing red light exploded within the room!

With that brilliant burst of exploding light, a strange fragrance quickly permeated throughout the entire room, and within that red light, a slender figure was slowly being revealed!

At that moment, the strange feeling that wrecked at her inside Jun Wu Xie’s body faded away. She panted slightly through narrowed eyes, to stare at the figure revealed, after the red light dissipated.

“Hmm? How many years had it been, that someone is actually compatible with me?” A lazy and languid male voice suddenly rang out beside Jun Wu Xie’s ear, and together with that voice, a fiery red figure suddenly appeared right before Jun Wu Xie’s eyes!

A good looking man dressed in a bright red brocade robe stood indolently within the room, his head of long black hair flowing down his back carelessly secured by a hair tie, the ink black tresses contrasting against his red clothes, beautiful and bewitching. The man had a attractive countenance, his long upslanted phoenix eyes narrowed very slightly, seemingly containing the endless touch of spring, a tinge of red over that pair of eyes.

The sudden appearance of the mysterious man caused Jun Qing and Long Qi within the room to immediately raise their guard. They wanted to protect Jun Wu Xie, but for some unknown reason, they could not seem to summon the slightest bit of their strength, their limbs suddenly feeling uncannily sore and weak, like all the strength within their bodies had been drained out from them, where they found to even maintain their current stance, had become highly taxing on them.


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