GDBBM – Chapter 1185

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Chapter 1185: “Seeing the Soul Calming Jade Again (3)”


That one half of the Soul Jade was carefully stored in a cotton bag by Jun Qing and always kept close on his body. This item could very well affect whether his elder brother, Jun Wu Xie’s father, would be able to be revived and he did not dare to be careless with it.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the Soul Calming Jade. She was in no hurry to pick it up and she merely raised her head to look at Jun Qing.



“In a while….. if I start to show any strange symptoms, you must not panic. I will be fine.” Jun Wu Xie said, unable to be certain whether she would be still be affected by the effects of the Soul Calming Jade, not wanting any reactions she might have from the Soul Calming Jade to worry Jun Qing.

Jun Qing was taken aback hearing those words.

“Would the Soul Jade have any adverse effect on you?”

Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

“It wouldn’t matter.”

Jun Wu Xie had put it across very lightly, but Jun Qing was still rather worried, where he was already thinking of keeping the Soul Jade away. Fortunately, Jun Wu Xie had repeatedly assured him that she would not do anything that would hurt herself and that made finally made Jun Qing change his mind.

Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath before slowly reaching her hand out to gradually place her hand upon the Soul Calming Jade.

The feeling that made her spirit quiver from before did not manifest!

Under her palm, she only felt the slightly chill and cold surface of the Soul Calming Jade.

[No reaction!]

Jun Wu Xie’s heart jumped slightly. Did that mean the golden seed within her body had not only repaired her damaged soul but it had even made her soul meld perfectly with this shell of a body?

That discovery caused a tinge of delight to rise within Jun Wu Xie usually cold and indifferent heart.

When the soul was unstable, the problems that could possibly arise from it was too many and now that it was resolved, it made Jun Wu Xie silently heave a sigh of relief.

The nervousness disappeared from Jun Wu Xie’s eyes but the expression on Jun Qing who was sitting on one side still looked wary as he was deeply afraid of anything that could happen to Jun Wu Xie.

“How?” Jun Qing asked cautiously.

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes to look at Jun Qing and said softly: “Nothing…..”

However, just as Jun Wu Xie’s voice just fell a strange feeling suddenly spread very quickly within her body!

That strange feeling wandered out from her physical body and expanded to reach her every single nerve, seemingly like something was stirring within her soul. That kind of feeling where big waves were being kicked up in one’s soul made Jun Wu Xie immediately clench up her fists, and her face quickly turning deathly white!

Upon seeing the drastic change in Jun Wu Xie’s complexion, Jun Qing instantly jumped up from his chair. He looked at Jun Wu Xie anxiously but with Jun Wu Xie’s preemptive warning, Jun Qing did not dare to touch his niece recklessly, but could only look on worriedly as Jun Wu Xie’s face became whiter and whiter.

The strange feeling got more and more intense, and Jun Wu Xie felt as if her soul was being torn apart by a strong force, the feeling being completely different from when she had touched the Soul Calming Jade for the first time!

Cold sweat beaded and rolled off her forehead, wetting the floor around her feet. She clenched up her jaw tightly, resisting against the strange feeling she had never felt before.

It wasn’t painful, but it made one highly uncomfortable, as any ripple that ran through one’s soul, could bring about an enormous reaction!

What was really happening?

Even Jun Wu Xie herself was not able to explain the situation properly. Under the waves that surged through her soul, she began to feel dizzy and faint, her stomach churning incessantly! She wanted to move her hand covering over the Soul Calming Jade away but she no longer had the strength!


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