GDBBM – Chapter 1182

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Chapter 1182: “Complicit in Crime (7)”


Jun Wu Xie thought back to her own soul that had warped over here and the reaction when she had touched the Soul Calming Jade. The amazing golden seed had been infused in her body and she really wanted to attempt to see whether she presently possessed the capability to resist the effects of such a spirit artifact.

“A little later, I will go find Uncle to go take a look at the Soul Jade.” Jun Wu Xie said. If that golden seed gave her the ability to withstand the effects of spirit artifacts, then even when she was to be faced against the Twelve Palaces in the future, she would be equipped with another layer of assurance, afterall…..

[How many magical artifacts do the Twelve Palaces hold in their hands was not known to them.]

Jun Xian nodded.

Jun Wu Xie noticed that Jun Xian was exhibiting a tinge of weariness and she didn’t want to disturb her grandfather any further. She retreated from the room and did not hurry herself to go deal with the other tasks on her hands but walked to the courtyard in the Lin Palace that belonged to her.

The Rui Lin Army soldiers upon seeing Jun Wu Xie appear, suddenly stood at rigid attention. Although their faces were expressionless, their eyes were however filled with smiles.

They all knew, that the little Emperor of the Fire Country before their eyes, was just their very own Young Miss!

Jun Wu Xie did not encounter anyone who stopped her within the Lin Palace. Everyone had a tacit understanding on it all. Returning back to her very own place that she had not lived in for a long time, she found the tables and chairs clean as new. Even when she had asked Long Qi to bring word back that she would not be returning for a long period, her room and the entire courtyard was still kept clean and tidy, like it had always been waiting here to welcome her back home.

Jun Wu Xie lay down in her own room, her nerves that had been pulled taut for an entire year finally able to relax immediately upon lying down there.

The little black cat sat at the edge of the bed, licking its paws lazily as it looked calmly at Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit wobbling in from outside through the door.

The two innocent beasts had put on quite a big show in the battle before and they had now come rushing in to ask for praise from Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie picked up the two naive little beasts in turn onto her bed and enjoyed the momentary peace and tranquility.

Wishing that time would just freeze right at that moment…..

Unknowingly, Jun Wu Xie actually feel asleep as she lay on the bed, haven’t even had the time to clean off all the blood all over her, falling into a sound sleep with her blood smeared armour still on, where even the stench of blood she had always found so unbearable could not even wake her up from her dreams.

In order for them to rush to reach here to the Qi Kingdom in the shortest time possible, she had not even had a chance to close her eyes from the time she left the Thousand Beast City, and had rushed the entire way, the constant rage and worry causing her to be unable to calm her heart. Only after the maniacal massacre and having finally returned back to her old abode her heart had longed so strongly for where she was finally able to let down her guard, pure exhaustion immediately claimed her to drag her into a deep sleep.

The little black cat remained hovering beside Jun Wu Xie and Lord Meh Meh together with the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit were similarly tired and weary. They leaned against Jun Wu Xie’s body and fell soundly asleep as well, leaving only the little black cat who was a spiritual body not feeling the slightest tinge of exhaustion.

It was not known how long a time had passed when light footsteps made the little black cat prick up in alert. It lifted his head to look towards the door and saw Jun Qing having just stepped one foot inside through the door. Upon seeing Jun Wu Xie soundly asleep on the bed, he was slightly startled and he subconsciously lightened his steps, to quietly come to the bedside, pulling the blanket up to cover Jun Wu Xie, before silently slipping himself outside.

The little black cat continued to lie on the bed and saw Jun Qing pulling the door shut. It glanced at Jun Wu Xie’s face that was soundly asleep and swished its tail lazily before morphing to silently slip inside Jun Wu Xie’s body.


Really deserve to give herself a good sleep.



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