GDBBM – Chapter 1183

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Chapter 1183: “Seeing the Soul Calming Jade Again (1)”


When Jun Wu Xie woke up from her dreams, the sun’s rays were shining in through a window that was slightly ajar, to spill onto the floor.

Lord Meh Meh was sleeping with all four of its hooves sticking up in the air while the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit was sleeping soundly upon Lord Meh Meh’s soft belly. One of Lord Meh Meh’s hooves would twitch occasionally and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit would subconsciously stretch out a paw to hold down the hoof.

Jun Wu Xie’s mind was still groggy with sleep and her nose was filled with the pungent stench of blood. She massaged her temples as she got off the bed and slowly unbuckled her armour piece by piece to throw them onto the floor, leaving just the cloth robe underneath on her.

The armour fell to the ground in a loud and clear clattering, the noise immediately sending a slight shiver to run through the Rui Lin Army soldier standing guard at the door.

“Your Majesty from the Fire Country, we’ve gotten the hot water all prepared and ready for your use. Would you then like to have a bath?” From outside the door, the Rui Lin Army soldier’s stoic voice came floating in.

Jun Wu Xie frowned slightly and said: “Just have it sent over now then.”

“Yes.” The Rui Lin Army soldier outside stifled the twitch that tugged at the corner of his mouth, trying hard to maintain his stoic composure as he immediately turned to run towards the kitchen to get people to deliver the hot water over.

[The Young Miss has finally awoken!]

His mood was rather joyous, his steps suddenly feeling lighter!

When the hot water was brought into the room, Jun Wu Xie looked at the light in the sky and asked the Rui Lin Army soldier making the delivery.

“How long did I sleep for?”

“Not much, just a day and a half.” The Rui Lin Army said, forcing on a calm front, his hands quickly drawing out the bath for Jun Wu Xie.

“…..” [A day and a half?]

Jun Wu Xie had not thought that she would sleep for so long.

“Within this period, did anything happen out there?” Jun Wu Xie thought that there was no more need to disguise her identity before the Rui Lin Army’s men and she asked in a manner that could not possibly be more nonchalant and casual than she did, completely unlike the “Emperor of the Fire Country” when she had first stepped into the Lin Palace, but acted exactly like a resident member of the Jun Family.

From the mannerisms the Rui Lin Army soldiers had shown her before, she knew that the men must have already guessed her identity so why should she continue to hide it from them?

“Reporting to Young….. Erm, Your Majesty from the Fire Country, the little Lord has left instructions to say after you wake up, we are to prepare a bath together with a fresh set of clothes for you, and only after you have eaten your meal, are we allowed to tell you about the things happening outside.”

Jun Wu Xie was slightly surprised, and the cold chill in her eyes unconsciously softened a little.

“Got it, you’re dismissed then.”

Her uncle had made these arrangements, seeking to have her worry less and rest more about things. No matter who she was outside, back in the Lin Palace, Jun Qing was her uncle, an elder. His instructions, must therefore be obeyed.

After taking much effort to wash off the blood off her body again and again, she was finally rid of the stench that clung on to her. The clothes that Jun Qing had prepared for Jun Wu Xie was a set of men’s clothes in her size, her sweet and considerate uncle having thought of everything for her.

With the stink of blood fading off from her body, it was slowly replaced by the familiar faint fragrance of herbs.

After she finished her bath, it wasn’t long before highly fragrant and aromatic dishes of food were brought into the room. As she dug into the meal, Jun Qing and Long Qi came walking in, with wide smiles upon their faces.

“At least you know you should eat after waking up. Just how long have you, this little lass, not given yourself proper rest that you have immediately fallen in such a deep sleep for a whole day and a half the moment your head touches the bed? You didn’t even manage to stay awake long enough to eat before that and made me worried you will starve.” Jun Qing nagged as he looked helplessly at Jun Wu Xie. Seeing the scene where his niece who had always been a little obsessed with cleanliness still dressed in her blood caked armour as she slept so soundly immediately upon her head hitting the pillow, Jun Qing found it rather amusing and at the same time causing a slight ache to fill his heart.

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