GDBBM – Chapter 1181

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Chapter 1181: “Complicit in Crime (6)”


The countenance depicted upon the painting was exactly the same as what he remembered in his mind. Jun Xian did not dare believe that the young man who had helped them at that time was in reality the Grand Adviser of the Fire Country!

Jun Wu Xie saw Jun Xian’s reaction and she was sure that her guess had been correct. She dismissed Lei Chen for the moment and only Jun Xian and her were left in the room.

“Grandfather, is that him?” Jun Wu Xie asked, to reaffirm the fact.

Jun Xian nodded his head resolutely. That face, was one he would never forget his entire life.

“How did he turn out to be the Fire Country’s Grand Adviser…..” Even having seen the portrait of Wen Yu, Jun Xian still found this startling discovery hard to accept. “Before the Qi Kingdom’s founding, the Fire Country had already been established for a long time. And according to rumours, their Grand Adviser….. should already be rather advanced in age. How did it turn out like this…..”

Jun Xian really could not understand why the Fire Country’s Grand Adviser had chosen to suddenly reach out his hand at that time to help people like them.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. Back in the Fire Country, she had already felt that the Grand Adviser was not someone ordinary but as he had been friendly and not shown himself to be a threat, she had not given it much thought, never expecting that the Qi Kingdom’s Soul Calming Jade was given to them by Wen Yu…..

So how did Wen Yu manage get his hands on the Soul Calming Jade?

Having just resolved one mystery, but more and more questions were gathering in Jun Wu Xie’s mind that needed her to find answers for one by one.

Wen Yu’s appearance had not changed all this time and time had not left its trace upon his face in the slightest. Judging based on the way he looked, Wen Yu would be a handsome looking young man only in his twenties, just that his demeanor and mannerisms were completely devoid of the impatient and brashness of youth, but instead showed polished manners that could only be a result from long years of experience and trials.

“Wu Xie, you are now the Emperor of the Fire Country, and this Wen Yu…..” Jun Xian could not help but look at Jun Wu Xie rather worriedly. If Wen Yu was really that person, his capabilities should then not be underestimated and would Jun Wu Xie’s real identity be discovered by Wen Yu?

Jun Wu Xie shook his head.

“The Grand Adviser had not tried to make things difficult for me. He seemed to not want to become overly involved with the affairs of the Fire Country.” Regardless whether it was the truth behind Lei Chen’s birth or about how she had overthrown the Emperor, Wen Yu had remained a bystander who just observed from the side, almost never initiating any actions on his own. His aloof attitude from all matters made one unable to help themselves but be curious as it made him seem completely unconcerned about the Fire Country at all.

Jun Xian sighed slightly in relief. “If I really have the chance to meet him in the future, I would really like to thank him properly. No matter how much trouble this Soul Jade had brought us, but it had preserved your father’s body, keeping it in such perfect condition, which really comforted me.”

Jun Wu Xie nodded, knowing that the Jun Family’s father and son had always longed for Jun Gu to be revived. That wish, she was willing to help them achieve. Based on what she saw in the Jun father and son, she believed that her own “father” would also be a hero worthy of respect.

“Regarding the matter about the Soul Jade, do not let any news about it spread outside for now. The invasion into the Qi Kingdom this time, was all because the Condor Country wanted to snatch the Soul Jade. I will resolve the entire matter and Grandfather will only need to rest and recuperate properly.” Jun Wu Xie said filially. From the bickering among the Commanders, it had not been difficult for her to decipher that they had not known what Lin Xiao was seeking for. With the exception of the Condor Country, the other armies of the three countries had merely been roped in to playing an assisting role and the crux of the problem had come from the Condor Country itself.

“You just rest assured. That jade, one piece of it is with your father, the other is kept on your uncle’s body at all times. Besides our men from the Rui Lin Army and His Majesty, no one else knows that both pieces of the jade are in the Lin Palace.” Jun Xian said.

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