GDBBM – Chapter 1176

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Chapter 1176: “Complicit in Crime (1)”


“That….. We really don’t know anything about it. The Condor Country had attacked us very suddenly and the timing the other countries had attacked was very close, almost launched upon us at the same time, from four different directions as they attacked our borders, which tells us that they must have planned and coordinated the invasion beforehand.” Jun Qing replied.

“This incident must be the work of the Condor Country. The Condor Country roped in the other three countries to launch the invasion.” Jun Wu Xie had thought to see if she could gather more information from Jun Xian and the others in the Qi Kingdom but from she was seeing now, the information that the Qi Kingdom had was less that what she knew.

“I have already imprisoned the all the Commanders of the armies besides the Prosper Country’s and I will go interrogate them in a while.” Jun Wu Xie said as she narrowed her eyes. If she did not remember it wrongly, there was one more person Jun Wu Yao had captured!

Jun Wu Yao had pointed out that that person was from the Bone Shifters Tribe. Jun Wu Xie was not unfamiliar with that term as Hua Yao had been from the Bone Shifters Tribe, a tribe that existed only in the Middle Realm!

It was obvious that this invasion on the Qi Kingdom was intricately linked to the Middle Realm in some way!

When that thought came to Jun Wu Xie’s mind, she immediately asked for leave from Jun Xian and Jun Qing. Before she found out everything behind this invasion on the Qi Kingdom, she would still be uneasy about the whole thing.

Lin Xiao was imprisoned in the Qi Kingdom’s underground dungeon together with the three Commanders. While Lin Xiao was now mostly freed from the black mist, the black mist still had not completely disappeared, but had turned to become like a leash of sorts, that had him trapped and he was not able to move.

Ye Sha and Ye Mei were guarding the entire dungeon and did not allow anyone to come close.

Jun Wu Xie then came to the underground dungeon accompanied by Jun Wu Yao.

She had just stepped into the dungeon when one of the Commanders locked in a cell cambered to the metal bars hurriedly and pressed himself tightly against the bars as he stared in terror at Jun Xie.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! The Condor Country was the one who instigated us into attacking the Qi Kingdom! We were merely following orders! I beg for Your Majesty to spare my life, I have nothing to do with this at all!” The Commander was begging with tears and mucus running down his face, not exhibiting a single bit of a soldier’s valour at that moment.

Jun Wu Xie cast a glance at him, but did not say a word. Instead, it was the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief who was locked right opposite him that laughed sneeringly.

“Your Majesty? If my memory serves me correctly, this must be His Majesty from the Fire Country. When did you start to even forget the names of countries?” The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief sneered: “Following orders? Why do I remember that all you three other countries were promised quite a lot? One of them being that after the Qi Kingdoms falls, all the lands the Qi Kingdom possesses will be split between you three countries? This invasion has nothing to do with you? Ha ha….. Through the battles you have fought in the Qi Kingdom, you had not seemed to have missed a single chance to send your men to loot and plunder the cities we took.

The Commander was startled and his face immediately turned green.

“You….. You can’t malign me like that! When….. When have I ever plundered any of their cities! ?”

Seeing that the Fire Country’s little Emperor was being so highly protective of the Qi Kingdom, it had highly puzzled all the three commanders, and all they could do now was try their best to whitewash themselves of the atrocious crimes they had committed upon the people of the Qi Kingdom.

“Malign you? Where your army had started your attacks from, the line of attack your army had taken, which cities you and your army had a hand in taking down. All of these facts can be easily found out with a slight investigation and I do not need to say it.” The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief said with a cold laugh.

When there were benefits in sight for the taking, the three countries’ Commanders had all rushed forward eagerly. Now that the war was lost, they had all turned to act like this, which truly disgusted him!

Jun Wu Xie stared calmly as the two Commanders chewed each other out, but not a ripple of emotion showed within her eyes.

The last Commander who had not spoken a single word throughout it all tried his best to curl himself up in a ball into the furthest corner of his cell, unable to even look at Jun Xie at all. The bound and immobile Lin Xiao had fallen to the floor and he was staring at Jun Xie and Jun Wu Yao with eyes filled with unimaginable terror!


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