GDBBM – Chapter 1175

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Chapter 1175: “Alliance (4)”


Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were slightly red rimmed. She had waited for this day when she would return for an entire year. But having undergone so much hardship to have finally come back, she was still unable to remain for long to bring joy to her most loved family members.

“Wu Xie….. What….. What is happening here? How did you suddenly become the Fire Country’s Emperor? Long Qi had told us before that you had some things to take care of and was not able to return. What is going on?” Jun Qing asked, his eyes similarly red, besides feeling the pain in his heart, he was still worried for Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie replied: “For some reason, I am temporarily unable to come back. As for the Fire Country’s ruling throne…..” Jun Wu Xie was not intending to tell the Jun Family’s father and son about the Twelve Palaces. That involved the powers in the Middle Realm and she was not willing to drag her family into it. Based on the characters of the Jun Family’s father and son, if they knew about that matter, they would throw their lives on the line to protect her and that was not what she wished to see.

Jun Wu Xie avoided the more critical point and touched on the more trivial matter, where she roughly explained to them about the things that happened in the Fire Country.

That was then when Jun Xian and Jun Qing realized that Jun Wu Xie had become the Fire Country’s Emperor all because she had wanted to save the Qi Kingdom!

“It has been really hard on you.” Jun Xian was feeling the pain in his heart as he patted Jun Wu Xie on the head. From the old man’s perspective, a gold kennel or a silver kennel would still not be as comfortable as a dog’s own kennel. Jun Wu Xie might have become the ruler of a country, but was it something to even envy her about?

When one was able to enjoy the union of a family together, that was the greatest happiness for one.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head. “Becoming the Fire Country’s Emperor is something that countless people can only dream of. Not hard at all.”

Although she was entirely willing, but she did not want Jun Xian to worry for her about it.


Whether it was as the Fire Country’s Emperor, or even the Lower Realm itself, she would not be staying here for long.

In order for her to shrug off all burdens, to be able to return to the Lin Palace without hiding anything, she would need to fully resolve the issue with the Twelve Palaces!

“Wu Xie….. You really intend to let the Fire Country make an alliance with the Qi Kingdom?” Mo Qian Yuan asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

“I am now the Emperor of the Fire Country, and also a member of the Lin Palace. Although I made use of the Fire Country’s strength to strike at the four allied countries, and I have accepted the throne, I will then do what I am supposed to do well. But the Qi Kingdom is also something I am definitely unable to part with, and since that is the case, why shouldn’t we form an alliance, and we’ll be able to look out for each other.”

Jun Wu Xie had never felt that the Qi Kingdom was weaker than their neighbouring countries. The Qi Kingdom had not been able to expand its borders all this time because the previous Emperor had been foolish and incompetent, clipping his own wings. If things had continued for the Qi Kingdom like it had been upon its founding, the Qi Kingdom would not be bullied by a country with the likes of the Prosper Country.

If today’s war had been in the hands of the Qi Kingdom’s previous Emperor, there wouldn’t be a need to even mention two weeks, they would not even be able to last even ten days. Fortunately Mo Qian Yuan had immediately after ascending into the throne, reorganized the military, and that had allowed the once lazy Qi Kingdom to regain back a little more chance to live.

Jun Wu Xie believed, as long as the Qi Kingdom was given a chance to recuperate, the Qi Kingdom would definitely not be inferior to any one country!

Mo Qian Yuan looked strangely at Jun Wu Xie. Actually, when Jun Wu Xi had returned here wearing the Fire Country’s halo upon her head, Mo Qian Yuan already prepared his heart for one thing that could happen, and that preparation he made in his heart was to ready himself for Jun Wu Xie to bring everyone within the Lin Palace to leave the Qi Kingdom, and to align themselves with the Fire Country. But now, Jun Wu Xie’s words had already been so clear, how could he still not understand her thoughts?

[The Fire Country is the Fire Country, while the Qi Kingdom is the Qi Kingdom. That was something that nobody is able to change!]

“Towards the matter of the four countries having allied themselves, did you manage to decipher anything from there?” Jun Wu Xie swung the topic back as she thought that the Qi Kingdom had been invaded under some strange circumstances this time. The Qi Kingdom had not even interacted much with other countries much all these years so what had made the Condor Country suddenly attack them so ferociously in a mad dash? That was the point that made Jun Wu Xie feel the whole situation rather suspicious.

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