GDBBM – Chapter 1177

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Chapter 1177: “Complicit in Crime (2)”


Jun Wu Yao’s gaze swept over him lightly and he began to began to tremble subconsciously, a kind of fear that seeped out from deep within the bones, spreading throughout the entire body.

Jun Wu Xie wasn’t interested to hear the two of them bickering and she walked on towards the cell Lin Xiao was locked in, to see him bound up, his eyes cold and grim.

After they entered the city after the battle, she had seeked out Hua Yao to enquire more about the Bone Shifters Tribe. The Bones Shifters Tribe was a large race in the Middle Realm. The Middle Realm was different from the Lower Realm in that it consisted of many other races with unique and extraordinary abilities living within, among them, the Bone Shifters Tribe, the Spirit Cultivators Tribe and more, races that were innately usually more independent.

The Bone Shifters Tribe’s ring spirits all took on skeletal forms and the Double Headed Bone Snake that Hua Yao possessed was a beast type ring spirit of the Bone Shifters Tribe, while the bone wings that Lin Xiao had exhibited was a weapons type ring spirit from the same tribe.

The Bone Shifters tribe were not too numerous in numbers. Although they were a from a tribe, but they did not belong to a specific power and its people were free to choose to serve any one of the Twelve Palaces, or to other powers of their free will, or to even remain a free and independant agent.

When Lin Xiao was being brought into the dungeon, Hua Yao had seen him then. Hua Yao had ascertained that he did not know Lin Xiao.

“Which one among the Twelve Palaces do you serve?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes narrowed as she stared at Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao’s body shivered, not because of Jun Wu Xie, but because of the man standing behind her. He gulped and then said: “All Dragons Palace”

“Mobilizing the Condor Country’s army was your idea?” Jun Wu Xie asked next.

Lin Xiao froze, hesitating a moment, but the dark mist around his body suddenly tightened and the excruciating pain that filled his body immediately made him roll upon the floor in agony, his forehead breaking out in cold sweat!

“Yes! Yes, it was me!” Still in the tormenting pain, Lin Xiao did not dare hesitate in the slightest anymore.

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand slightly and Jun Wu Yao immediately released his grip, where Lin Xiao was finally able to breathe as he lay gasping heavily for air upon the floor.

“Why.” Jun Wu Xie’s tone was calm. [Why had the Twelve Palaces suddenly developed an interest towards the Qi Kingdom? What did such a tiny country like the Qi Kingdom possess that would attract the attention of the Twelve Palaces?] [Could it be because of her?]

Jun Wu Xie immediately swept that thought aside. The people who had injured her back in the Cloudy Peaks had been people from the Flame Demon Palace and even if her identity was exposed, it would have been the work of the Flame Demon Palace here. What would the All Dragons Palace have anything to do with that?

Lin Xiao said: “Because….. Because of the Soul Calming Jade…..”

[Soul Calming Jade!]

Those three words resounded within Jun Wu Xie’s mind. She recalled everything she knew about that Soul Calming Jade that had allowed Jun Gu’s dead body to remain unblemished. That piece of jade had maintained Jun Gu’s soul and spirit, allowing his remains to not suffer any rot or decomposition throughout the years unlike other people who passed on.

Jun Wu Xie had always felt that the reason Jun Gu’s body had been preserved in such perfect condition was because of the Soul Calming Jade and she believed it had also protected his spirit. Hence, if she could find the correct method, she might be able to revive Jun Gu.

But the Soul Calming Jade was a magical treasure that had come from the Spirit World and she did not know how she would be able to use it to revive Jun Gu. She had once considered after she found the Dark Emperor’s tomb, she might find a way to make Jun Gu reawaken.

This Soul Calming Jade had in the beginning lured the people from the Qing Yun Clan here, and now, it had even attracted the attention of the All Dragon Palace from the Twelve Palaces!

“What do you want it for?” Jun Wu Xie probed further.

Lin Xiao said anxiously: “That I really do not know. The Elder sent me down here to the Lower Realm to retrieve the Soul Calming Jade and as to what it is to be used for….. I really do not know!”


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