GDBBM – Chapter 1174

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Chapter 1174: “Alliance (3)”


If Jun Wu Xie had wanted the throne in the Qi Kingdom, Mo Qian Yuan would not have even had a chance at it at all!

Having their own Young Miss suddenly becoming another country’s Emperor, everyone within the Rui Lin Army were not only not showing any signs of non acceptance, but were instead all being very highly excited about it.

[See how bullish their Young Miss was?] [Just one year outside, and she has already gotten hold of the throne of the biggest country throughout the lands!] [The pride of their hearts!]

Once their hearts were more settled, and the people were feeling more at ease, Mo Qian Yuan and Jun Wu Xie exchanged a few words of pleasantries and then made arrangements for the injured soldiers and citizens to be treated before asking Jun Wu Xie whether the Fire Country needed any physicians where Lei Chen stated that their own military physicians were already adequate.

Lei Chen wasn’t refusing to use the Qi Kingdom’s help, but…..

They really didn’t have that many injured through the battles and they had a great number of military physicians within their contingent. Having having seen Jun Wu Yao’s unbelievable technique which killed nearly two million enemy soldiers in an instant, Lei Chen realized….. Even if Jun Xie had not acceded to his request in the beginning, with just him and his companions with their monstrous powers, they would be able to save the Qi Kingdom themselves.

At that moment, Lei Chen was feeling incomparably fortunate that Jun Xie had slightly miscalculated in his judgement or where was he going to find another Emperor that had broken through to the Purple Spirit for themselves?

After Jun Xie ascended to the throne, he had immediately led the army to save the Qi Kingdom without a single moment of delay. Although the Fire Country’s army had followed the Imperial orders as they could not defy it, but towards the little Emperor who had led them into battle immediately upon his ascension, they had still felt somewhat displeased.

But when Jun Xie exhibited his Purple Spirit powers on the battlefield while having had the help from two gigantic Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts, together with his several youth companions with their Purple Spirit Powers and Jun Wu Yao who wiped out two million enemy soldiers in an instant…..

Some of the Fire Country’s soldiers who had not fully accepted Jun Xie were now fully convinced. They had initially thought that having such a puny sized Emperor could not mean anything good for them.

But after this day…..

They all wished they could fall at Jun Xie’s feet and shout out: “His Majesty to live a thousand years, a thousand thousand years!”

[Looking back since the founding of the Fire Country, when had they ever have an Emperor as monstrously prodigious as this?] [A fifteen year old Purple Spirit…..] [Ha!] [They would hold bragging rights for life!]

The Fire Country’s soldiers hummed a little tune and sang songs, their mood lifted. They had deeply experienced just how ferocious and wild their little Emperor’s powers were!

But those from the Rui Lin Army who had been ordered to mix around with the Fire Country’s soldiers had when they kept hearing the Fire Country’s soldiers incessantly addressing Jun Xie as our ruler, our ruler….. their hearts had almost twisted up with agony!

[That was THEIR Young Miss!] [THEIRS!]

The group of Rui Lin Army soldiers almost suffered from internal injuries from holding and bottling their feelings inside but they were helpless as Jun Xian had ordered that they must not reveal Jun Wu Xie’s real identity and they had no choice but to continue holding back…..

Inside the city, Mo Qian Yuan returned to the Imperial Palace with Jun Wu Xie and her group of people, to discuss more about the alliance.

Jun Wu Xie instructed Lei Chen and the others to wait outside, and to look after the soldiers outside the city while she, Jun Wu Yao, and Qiao Chu with the other companions went into the Palace’s main hall.

Inside the main hall, there were only Mo Qian Yuan with the Jun Family’s father and son. The main hall’s doors were then shut, separating them completely from everything outside the main hall.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly walked to go right before Jun Xian, and sweeping the front of her robes at her feet to the side, she fell to the floor on both knees!


The emotions that Jun Xian fought so hard to hold back suddenly surged, and he was not able to suppress them any further. That voice calling out “Grandfather”, how long had he yearned so badly to hear it again? He immediately gave in to his tears that flowed down that battle hardened face and stretched out a trembling hand to help Jun Wu Xie up.

“Good enough you’re back, good enough that you’re back. Stand up to talk, the floor is cold.”

Although Jun Wu Xie had already grown so powerful that many people were now unable to surpass her, but in Jun Xian’s eyes, she was still his little granddaughter, that slightly bumbling and rather innocent little girl.

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