GDBBM – Chapter 1173

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Chapter 1173: “Alliance (2)”


“Your Majesty from the Fire Country.” Jun Qing greeted.

Jun Wu Xie fought to maintain her composure and turned to look at Jun Qing, her eyes tinged with puzzlement.

Jun Qing tried not to laugh out loud and said: “I wonder what did Your Majesty from the Fire Country means by an alliance?”

Jun Qing’s question made everyone within the city become nervous. It must be known that a million of the Fire Country’s lions were plopped right outside the city and they have witnessed for themselves just how terrifying the flawlessly handsome looking man standing behind Jun Xie truly was. Jun Xie’s words spoken earlier was obviously intending to annex the Qi Kingdom but Jun Qing was still insisting to ask such a question like this, which made everyone there burst out in cold sweat for Jun Qing.

Having been invaded by the four allied countries, the people of the Qi Kingdom were already physically and mentally exhausted and the Qi Kingdom’s forces was really unable to take on the Fire Country’s army at this point.

They only saw Jun Xie’s eyebrow lift up on one side, and everyone’s heart trembled, their minds going: “Oh no.” with some of the  Qi Kingdom’s soldiers in fact nervously picking up the weapons they had just put down. But the Rui Lin Army soldiers all around were instead looking all calm and composed, their eyes contemptuous as they looked at the bunch of highly nervous people.

“Exactly as what those words mean.” Jun Wu Xie did not understand why her uncle would ask another time. Didn’t an alliance mean an alliance?

Jun Qing felt rather helpless in his heart. He had thought that Jun Wu Xie would have picked up some tact but from what he was seeing, it had been wishful thinking. This little girl still had not realized how much fear her words had brought to the people here.

“This humble subject is just asking….. the alliance, will be formed as two individual countries, or with the Fire Country reigning supreme?” Jun Qing felt that his words could not have been any more direct than the way he had put it across.

With that question from Jun Qing, the people of the Qi Kingdom grew even more terrified.

The Emperor of the Fire Country had already said it so plainly, why was Lord Jun still being so persistent?

Fortunately, Jun Wu Xie finally understood the hint that her uncle was trying to give her. She swept her eyes over to look at the citizens who were looking highly tensed up and nervous, and turned to see the soldiers who have once again picked up their weapons, before she realized that her words earlier must have given everyone there quite a big scare.

Afterall, with the gaping difference between the two countries, there was absolutely no need for an alliance. If it was asked which countries would be able to take down the Qi Kingdom with their own power alone, it could only be the Fire Country. Moreover, the Qi Kingdom’s current situation was in such dire straits, mentioning an alliance at this point of time would be as good as just gobbling them up.

Jun Wu Xie then cleared her throat and said: “It will naturally be as two individual powers. The Fire Country will still be the Fire Country and the Qi Kingdom will remain as the Qi Kingdom. The two countries are very far apart and although not too convenient, we can still look out for each other.”

Once those words came out, everyone within the Imperial City stared with their eyes widened, their faces in disbelief.

[The Fire Country is really just forming an alliance with them? Not an annexation of them?]

Someone could not help but suspect that he was dreaming and aiming for his own cheek, he gave himself a big slap. The stinging and burning pain reassured him that everything that was happening was….. really true!

The corners of Jun Qing’s mouth curled up very faintly as he tried to stifle his smile and nodded in satisfaction, before retreating cooperatively to the side.

Mo Qian Yuan then regained his senses. It was obvious he did not know Jun Wu Xie as well as Jun Qing did and had upon hearing Jun Wu Xie earlier words, misunderstood her like everyone else.

“Having Your Majesty from the Fire Country showing such benevolence is really causing the Qi Kingdom to become moved to tears. If the Fire Country does not mind it, then the Qi Kingdom is willing to join hands with the Fire Country under these Heavens!” Mo Qian Yuan exclaimed.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

With Jun Wu Xie’s response, the people within the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City heaved a sigh of relief, beginning to think that they had pinned their own petty minded yardstick to gauge a gentleman in their hearts, and were feeling rather guilty and embarrassed as they looked at Jun Xie.

Upon seeing the reaction of the people, the Rui Lin Army’s soldiers harrumphed at them with disdain.

[Why would their Young Miss want to bother with annexing the Qi Kingdom?]


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