GDBBM – Chapter 1168

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Chapter 1168: “Mob Slap – Second Form (9)”



That was the one and only thought in Jun Wu Xie’s mind.

With Jun Wu Xie having already broken through to the blue spirit, and the perfect coordination from the black beast, it allowed them to weave with ease through the chaotic battlefield, the speed of the black beast being at a pace that those soldiers could never dream of keeping up with.

The intensely overpowering stench of blood had already numbed Jun Wu Xie’s sense of smell.

She was not a person inclined towards slaughter, but in order to seek revenge for that eighty thousand spirits of the Rui Lin Army soldiers, to exact vengeance upon the Qi Kingdom’s soldiers and citizens who had been buried under the flames of this war, she didn’t mind turning into a demon that climbed up from the very depths of hell!

Kill to stop the killing!

The Chief Commanders from the other two armies went running in a fluster to seek out the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief. They had personally witnessed Lin Xiao being captured when that man standing in midair had not done anything much. The situation had turned into such a disadvantageous state and they really did not dare to continue on with the attack!

“What should we do? That Lord Lin Xiao of yours was dealt with in a single stroke and if we continue the attack, our losses will be be too much to take!” From the tone of the Chief Commander, it had already betrayed the obvious fear he was feeling.

“We’re not fighting anymore! You want to attack, you do it yourself! Now that the Fire Country’s Emperor has already appeared, he had most definitely not come here alone. The Fire Country’s grand army will surely arrive at anytime and I am withdrawing my army from here! In this incident, we have really been dragged into it by the Condor Country. It’s just so…..” The other Chief Commander was already toying with the idea of retreat and he was about to curse out when the might of the Condor Country reduced his intended outburst into an intelligible grumble.

The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief recovered from his shock as the loud complaints from the two other men rocked his heart.

[Should they continue to fight?]

Even Lin Xiao had been taken down. And he had possessed the power of the Purple Spirit, the pinnacle of power. With an enemy who was able to so easily squash a Purple Spirit, would they still have a chance to win?

At that moment, even he had the idea of retreat gnawing at his heart. Finally when Lord Meh Meh’s nine tails threw hundreds of soldiers into the air in a single sweep, the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief immediately made his decision!

“Retreat! Every man pull back!” He immediately got the bugle sounded to signal an all out retreat and all the soldiers that had surrounded the Imperial City finally began to recede back just like the tide going out.

No one had ever thought, that with the appearance of Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao, the allied forces of the three country had not only found themselves unable to launch any attacks upon the Imperial City, but had in such a short period of time made the enemy beat such a hasty retreat.

Jun Wu Xie’s unhindered slaughter, Drunk Lotus’s brutal power and the appearance of the two mammoth sized Spirit Beasts had completely crushed the slightest inclination to fight in any of them.

And one more thing terrorized them more than everything else, and that was Jun Wu Yao who had not really made any more moves against them!

The sheer numbers of hurricanes surrounding the outside of the Imperial City was already not a power that a mortal could possess and who knew what kind of terrifying consequences he would bring if he really made his move?

Upon the Imperial City’s wall, the Qi Kingdom’s soldiers could see the three countries’ allied forces retreating. Finally after being under such a long period of depression, the soldiers exploded into joyous and raucous cheers in sheer delight! They raised the swords in their hands high up and waved them in the air, and the Qi Kingdom’s flag that had been scorched by fire was pulled down, as it was quickly replaced with brand new piece that was immediately hoisted up to flutter high above the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City once more!

It was just like this tiny but highly resilient kingdom, as under the fierce howling wind, it stretched out fluttering brightly, and would not sag and fall!

The enemy armies beat a hasty retreat, but Jun Wu Xie did not intend to spare them so easily.

She led Lord Meh Meh together with the others in pursuit, but she had just run a few steps when she was suddenly picked up by Jun Wu Yao who looped an arm around her from behind, to fly up into the air.

“Look.” Jun Wu Yao said while raising his hand, to point in the direction that the enemy armies were retreating in.



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