GDBBM – Chapter 1169

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Chapter 1169: “Raging Purple Spirit (1)”


In the direction that the three country allied armies were retreating into, a large army was charging right towards them!

Above that army, flew the banner of the Fire Country!

Under the strong wind blowing, the banner fluttered, as war drums shook the skies!

The three country allied armies who were in the midst of their retreat would not even in their dreams have thought, that at the very moment they turned to pull themselves back, they would run smack right into the Fire Country’s army!

At the forefront of the Fire Country’s army, was Qiao Chu and the other youths who were leading. Under the strong gale blowing, they waved at the faraway Jun Wu Xie, their faces brimming with vigor, looking highly excited. After defeating the Prosper Country’s soldiers, they had not tallied even a moment and had immediately set out to come to the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City. The blood splatters on their bodies had not even dried out and they were already seen approaching all covered in dust.

The armies of the three countries found themselves suddenly faced with the Fire Country’s army and a mournful wail erupted from the entire army!

“All charge!” Qiao Chu leapt up from his horse, and he flew right towards the armies of the three countries, the spirit ring in his hand suddenly emitting a bright light, to throw an enormous Ying Yang Bear into the middle of the enemy soldiers. Its enormous body was like a meat grinder, when in an instant, its two powerful bear paws stretched out to its sides to send all the enemy soldiers surrounding it flying through the air!

Following right behind, Hua Yao, Fan Zhuo, Fei Yan and Rong Ruo leapt into battle at the same time, their ring spirits appearing in successive blinding flashes of light, immediately turning into battle machines to push right into the thousands upon thousands of enemy soldiers before them in a mad rush!

The Fire Country’s army were just one step behind them and they crashed heavily right into the soldiers of the three countries’ allied armies in an orgy of slaughter!

The armies of the three countries’ allied forces had already been thrown into a fluster by Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao’s attack and they had lost their will to fight, the aggression of soldiers dissipated as they turned in flight, to run away like dogs whose owners have died. Now they had just found themselves on the receiving end of a head on charge by the Fire Country’s ferocious army and everything descended into chaos for all of them.

The Fire Country’s army combined power, was inferior only to the Rui Lin Army. Although they were not like the Rui Lin Army where one soldier could take on ten men, but the ferocity of one million lions with the boosted morale from a recent victory, it brought the power of those soldiers to a whole new level at that moment!

The armies clashed, a battle of will.

The three country’s allied armies, lost badly in that aspect!

Moreover, among their armies, they did not have any exceptionally outstanding soldiers, that was able to stand up against Qiao Chu and his comrades’ dominating presence as they swept over the panicked soldiers!

Under that overwhelming attack, the three country’s allied forces were quickly being defeated. They wanted to retreat backwards, but Jun Wu Xie had her two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts there sealing off their escape route!

Sandwiched from the front and back, the allied armies who had burned and looted throughout the Qi Kingdom for two whole weeks were completely routed in an instant.

Anguished howls and mournful wails sounded from the enemy armies incessantly!

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes were still red and bloodshot, her entire body fully covered in blood, but she did not have the slightest intention in stopping her hand.

If she had not come here today, these people before her eyes would definitely not have spared even a single common citizen within the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City who were completely innocent.

On her way here, Jun Wu Xie had already seen too many cities of the Qi Kingdom which had been looted clean, blood covering the entire grounds inside, dead and lifeless bodies left lying everywhere. Those once bustling and prosperous cities, had now turned into cities that stood dead and empty, where everyone even from the elderly in their eighties, all the way down to newborn infants, the enemy had not spared a single one of them!

In Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, these men were no longer humans, but cruel and barbaric beasts!

When dealing with brutal beasts, was there a reason for her to be merciful?

With a kick to send the soldiers surrounding her flying, Jun Wu Xie suddenly leapt up from the black beast’s back, and when she was in the air, the blue spirit glow around her body suddenly changed into a brilliant flash of purple!

The Purple Spirit manifests!

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