GDBBM – Chapter 1167

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Chapter 1167: “Mob Slap – Second Form (8)”


Jun Wu Yao’s words, made the men in the Rui Lin Army fall silent.

The invasion of the four countries’ allied forces had inflicted very severe losses upon the Rui Lin Army. They could no longer keep count of the number of brothers they had lost on the battlefield and couldn’t remember how they had managed to climb out from among those lifeless bodies. It wasn’t that their hearts did not feel the pain, it wasn’t that they did not harbour hatred, but they just did not have the time all this while that allowed them to let the pain sink in.

Jun Wu Xie’s concern for them plucked right on the string stretched taut over their hearts. They understood why Jun Wu Xie thought that way, where she would rather fight the battle alone, than lose another single one of their men.

“But…..” Long Qi seemed to want to say something more.

But Jun Wu Yao shook his head and said: “Trust her.”

Long Qi gaped like a goldfish, unable to say anything.

At that moment, Jun Xian came walking over. He placed a hand on Long Qi’s shoulder and Jun Xian raised his head to look at Jun Wu Yao.

“You can ascertain….. us of her safety?” As a member of the Jun Family, Jun Xian was feeling extremely proud that he had such an exemplary example of a fine granddaughter but he could not help feeling the worries of a grandfather.

Jun Wu Yao smiled at that. “I am certain.”

“Alright.” Jun Xian nodded his head, and suppressed the worry deep within his heart, as he turned to look at the soldiers within the city.

“The entire army is to make good use of the time now to properly reassess the situation. Carry the injured to get them treated and keep your spirits up!” The battle was still not finished and no matter how powerful Jun Wu Xie was, she would not be able to last indefinitely. What they needed to do now, was not to worry themselves to death standing there, but to make full use of the time that Jun Wu Xie was fighting to gain for them, to regroup the utterly wrecked and exhausted army, to ready themselves to face the upcoming battle.

With Jun Xian order, all the soldiers within the city quickly readjusted themselves in that period and the citizens helped to quickly carry the wounded to put them in a safer location, while all the physicians within the city poured out to quickly treat the wounds of the heroes who fought to defend them.

Mo Qian Yuan summoned all the Imperial Physicians within the Palace and they brought along all the herbs and elixirs that could be of any use to help with the situation here.

At that moment, what all of them cared about was not the value of those medicine, but more on how many of the Qi Kingdom’s warriors they would be able to save!

Outside the city, the attack of the allied forces from the three countries were completely stopped by Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao, but they still had not given up on invading into the Imperial City. Arrows tipped with fire were sent flying into the Imperial City in endless volleys, the arrows passing over the wall of wind, to land inside, igniting clusters of fire to burn within the Imperial City.

The physically exhausted soldiers wanted to go put out the fires, but were pressed down by the common citizens, asking them to get as much rest as possible, and leave the putting out of the fires to them.

Seeing the many figures of the citizens running around, watching the young children carrying water buckets as they followed behind the busy adults, the soldiers who had undergone the fiery trials of war were highly moved.

These were the citizens they had protected by putting their lives on the line. The sacrifices made were all worth it!

The strength of every single person that could be drawn upon had been mobilized. Medicine, food, water, blankets….. Anything and everything that their soldiers could use were brought by the citizens to be pushed into the hands of the warriors.

Mo Qian Yuan stood directing all of it, his golden robe singed by fire in several places and was in a sorry state. The crown which symbolised his Imperial authourity that was upon his head had fallen to the ground in the midst of all the running about and he had not even had the time to retrieve it.

One sees true feelings in times of adversity. At this time when the Qi Kingdom was in trapped in a crisis, the determination and belief that had been hidden in the souls of the people of the kingdom had completely shone. They banded together in unity, not a word of spoken about giving up!

Out on the battlefield, the number of kills Jun Wu Xie scored could no longer be measured. Bright red blood dyed her silver armour completely red, the same colour as her eyes as she delivered the all out massacre upon her enemies.


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