GDBBM – Chapter 1166

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Chapter 1166: “Mob Slap – Second Form (7)”


However, before the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief had even recovered from the shock, a bright light flashed from Jun Wu Xie’s fingers!

Another white figure suddenly appeared in the midst of the crowd of soldiers, kicking up another storm of bloody slaughter!

Jun Wu Xie had summoned Drunk Lotus, and the killing was getting more and more intense!

Within the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City, all the soldiers standing on the city’s wall stood completely stunned as they saw what was happening right before their eyes. They could not even understand everything that was happening in front of them. Why had the Fire Country’s Emperor suddenly appeared to help them?

What shocked them even more was the extremely young looking little Emperor could be so ferocious the very moment he struck.

[Blue spirit!] [That was a blue spirit!] [A fifteen year old blue spirit! A fact that was just too unbelievable to all of them!] [The most shocking sight before them, were those two jaw dropping magnificent Spirit Beasts!]

Whether it was from seeing their attack power or judging from their mammoth size, it was easy to guess that they were definitely of the supreme Guardian Grade.

A Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, was extremely rare by itself. Needless to mention one that remained by the side of a person, few people have even sighted one at all! But this little Emperor of the Fire Country, had actually brought out two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts, which was just impossible to all of them there.

Even the Thousand Beast City who were well known for taming Spirit Beasts, could only make use of their city’s legendary treasure, the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to tame one Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. To be able to have two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts follow a person’s orders, was just too ludicrous to believe and had never been heard of before!

The Qi Kingdom’s soldiers were astounded and the citizens could not believe that the Heavens would give to them such a bright ray of hope right at the final moment.

Only the Rui Lin Army…..

Only all the Rui Lin Army’s soldiers in the city looked through the broken gates, through the impossible wall of wind, their eyes fixed upon the tiny figure perched upon the massive black beast’s back.

In one moment, the entire group of stalwart and steel willed men found their eyes red rimmed.

Others might not know who the Fire Country’s little Emperor was, but these men from the Rui Lin Army knew that person better than anyone!

[That massive black beast with a gold streak on its chest, wasn’t that the same one that belonged to their very own Young Miss! ?] [Under the Heavens, the only one person who could ride on that massive black beast, was only their Young Miss of the Rui Lin Army!] [Jun Wu Xie!] [Their Young Miss had returned!] [The pillar of their hearts has come back!]

That one discovery made all the Rui Lin Army soldiers who had been prepared to die fighting their last battle suddenly feel the blood boil once again in their hearts!

“Everyone, follow me to charge right out! We cannot allow His Majesty of the Fire Country to fight on our battlefield for us, while we stand here to watch the show!” Long Qi was the first one to recover and react, and he immediately charged to go outside the city’s gates, issuing a rousing call with his fist in the air!

He knew, Jun Wu Xie would never abandon the Rui Lin Army, never give up on the Qi Kingdom. No matter how she came to be the Emperor of the Fire Country, she would still be their very own Young Miss!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” Every single Rui Lin Army soldier had eyes filled with murder, all ready to charge out of the city to fight alongside Jun Wu Xie.

But Jun Wu Yao who was just above the city’s wall suddenly turned his head to look at the twenty over thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers gathered eagerly near the gates. He smile faintly at them and said: “Apologies, I cannot allow any of you to go out there.”

“Young Master Wu Yao! Please open up a way for us before the gates! Let us go out there and help!” Long Qi pleaded earnestly as he looked at Jun Wu Yao. They cannot let Jun Wu Xie fight out there alone.

Jun Wu Yao then replied with a smile: “I will not.”

“Why?” Long Qi asked helplessly.

“I do not want Little Xie to be pained any further. There isn’t many of you left in the Rui Lin Army and any more losses incurred might make her cry.” Jun Wu Yao said and turned away, to look at Jun Wu Xie continuing to deal out her unstoppable massacre.


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