GDBBM – Chapter 1165

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Chapter 1165: “Mob Slap – Second Form (6)”


Right at the moment that Jun Wu Xie threw herself downwards in a leap, the little black cat on her shoulder suddenly grew in size in midair, to morph into a magnificent and ferocious massive black beast that caught Jun Wu Xie firmly as they landed!

Like a ravenous and ferocious tiger that just came down the mountain, it charged right towards the mass of soldiers!

Appearing suddenly right in the midst of the flustered army of soldiers, Jun Wu Xie’s blue spirit power glow flared brightly, her eyes cold as steely knife points, delivering merciless slaughter onto the soldiers together with the ferocious black beast!

The blue glowing figure cut like a sickle through multiple thousands of soldiers in a blue arc, executing a mad massacre over the people whose hands were stained with the blood of the Rui Lin Army’s soldiers.

Jun Wu Yao stood in midair, reaching his hand out to open a humongous cloth sack hanging from his hip.

Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit suddenly popped their tiny heads out from the sack curiously.

“Meh?” Lord Meh Meh stared at the dark mass of people below. On the day that Jun Xie had “married” Qu Ling Yue, as Qu Wen Hao’s consciousness had been forcibly restored temporarily, he had revoked the control the Spirit Taming Bone Flute had over Lord Meh Meh on that same day.

“Puu?” The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit tugged at its pair of big ears and spotted Jun Wu Xie charging among the mass of people in slaughter. Its fur immediately turned a bright red shade of blood and its blood eyes shone with an insatiable bloodlust!

“Go.” Jun Wu Yao picked up the two foolish beasts from within the sack. When Jun Wu Xie had announced that they would be bringing forward their departure, he had decided on his own to bring the two little fellas with them.

Let these soldiers from the three country alliance have a taste of the kind of terror and havoc these Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts were capable of wrecking, onto them!

At the moment that Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit were thrown down, two brilliantly bright flashes of light exploded in the air!

The tiny balls of light expanded in an instant, as if two tiny suns had suddenly dropped from the Heavens, blinding everyone around them!

In the next instant!

Two enormous Spirit Beasts appeared within the sight of the soldiers. The gigantic white beast that Lord Meh Meh had morphed into had upon landing, immediately crushed an innumerable number of enemy soldiers. The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit was quite a lot smaller in size than Lord Meh Meh, but its speed was astoundingly fast, like a red bolt of lightning flashing speedily through the mass of soldiers, that left behind a long trail of blood and gore in its wake.

With two Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts added in, the entire battlefield quickly erupted into absolute and perfect chaos!

The Commander in Chief of the Condor Country sat atop his horse right at the back of the armies, watching in flabbergasted silence at the mess the entire battlefield had turned into.

He really could not believe his own eyes. All his previous misgivings had only been due to the Fire Country’s military might alone, but now, without even having seen a shadow of the Fire Country’s army, just the Fire Country’s Emperor himself and two Spirit Beasts had already thrown the entire battlefield into utter chaos! And with the layer upon layer of hurricanes in front of the Imperial City, how were they going to launch an attack on the city?

Whereas for that overbearing “Lord Lin Xiao” who looked at everyone with contempt in his eyes, even he had disappeared from sight completely after a single strike from the flawlessly handsome looking man. Fear grew exponentially as it creeped into his heart and spread everywhere!

[It was only two people!] [Just two people only!] [But they had put up a protection around the Qi Kingdom as impenetrable as a thick steel wall that they were unable to overcome.] [Against such terrifying power, who would be able to go against them? !]

Nearly three million soldiers in the enemy’s army and their attack was being held down by just Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao. And throughout the entire battle, Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao did not even suffer so much as a scratch, while the party suffering heavy casualties was instead the armies of the three country alliance!

The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief’s hand gripping the reins began to shake and tremble.

A fifteen year old Blue spirit! And a man so powerful he took down a Purple Spirit at the pinnacle of power in one second! With two more Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts added into the mix, how were they expected to continue with this battle! ?

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