GDBBM – Chapter 1164

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Chapter 1164: “Mob Slap – Second Form (5)”


All of a sudden, Lin Xiao charged out front from the back of the army of soldiers. He had not intended to involve himself in such a rudimentary level battle of the Lower Realm but the man who had created those hurricanes was definitely someone who was not that simple. In order for the plan to continue to be executed, he had to make a move!

Lin Xiao turned into a purple ray of light as he charged to go to the front of the army and a pair of wings formed with bones suddenly appeared on his back, bringing him up in mid air, to come face to face Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao!

“Who are you?” Lin Xiao’s eyes had narrowed to a slit and he did not even glance at Jun Wu Xie even once, but fixed his eyes squarely upon Jun Wu Yao. He knew that the strange hurricanes were all the work of this devilishly handsome looking man.

Jun Wu Yao’s brow lifted as he looked at the wings made up of bones and the corners of his mouth curled up.

“Bone Shifting Tribe? Flying series ring spirit?”

Surprise showed on Lin Xiao’s face. He had not expected that in the Lower Realm, there would actually be a person who would know about his origins with just one glance, and had even known that the wings on his back was actually his ring spirit.

“You are from the Middle Realm?” Lin Xiao asked warily, but he did not detect any spirit powers emitting from Jun Wu Yao’s body at all.

Jun Wu Yao ignored him completely and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

“Want him alive?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Lin Xiao glared at Jun Wu Yao with his jaws clenched tightly, thinking just what his words had meant.

However, when Jun Wu Yao turned his head back, Lin Xiao saw a pair of violet eyes, looking every inch like a demon, that made his blood freeze up in an instant.

“How can it be possible…..” Lin Xiao’s eyes bulged with pure incredulity. Under the Heavens, a person who possessed violet coloured eyes, was only that one man in the legends!

[He didn’t die?] [Impossible!]

Endless terror instantly shot throughout Lin Xiao’s body. He suddenly flapped his wings as the blood quickly drained out from his face, acting like he had seen a ghost, turning himself around to fly speedily in the opposite direction!

[Run!] [He needed to escape!] [Or he will die!]

“Running away?” Jun Wu Yao lifted one side of his brows and he suddenly lifted his free hand as a black coloured mist shot out towards Lin Xiao who was attempting to escape. The black mist was moving at a speed faster than Lin Xiao’s flying and in the blink of an eye, Lin Xiao was hopelessly tangled within that black mist, as a loud cry came exploding out of his throat!

No matter how hard he flapped his bone wings thinking to escape this nightmarish place, the black mist was dragging his quickly back to come before Jun Wu Yao!

“Let me go! Let me go! Do not kill me!” The smug arrogance on his face disappeared and was not about to come back, the panic and fear on his face making him look rather wretched.

On the hand that Jun Wu Yao had lifted, his fingers slowly closed.

Excruciating pain spread through every single inch of Lin Xiao’s body. He howled and pleaded incessantly. Not even in his dreams would he have thought that here in the Lower Realm, he would meet the demon who had made the entire Middle Realm completely submit!

“I beg you, do not kill me! Da…..” Before Lin Xiao had been able to finish his words, the black mist had already wrapped him up entirely in darkness, swallowing him up together with the words he had not managed to finish saying.

Jun Wu Yao’s violet eyes was suddenly once again replaced by black, an icy murderous aura behind the smile as the corners of his mouth curled up. He turned his head back and stared at Jun Wu Xie who body was glowing with a blue spirit glow. “Does this mean that Little Xie is intending to fight?”

Jun Wu Xie’s cold voice replied: “I want to personally exact vengeance for the Rui Lin Army, with my own two hands!”

Upon saying that, she suddenly broke free from Jun Wu Yao’s embrace, leaping right towards the densely packed army at her feet!


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