GDBBM – Chapter 1163

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Chapter 1163: “Mob Slap – Second Form (4)”


Lin Xiao’s eyes narrowed as he stared at the two Commanders.

“What you two are trying to say is that you do not intend to carry on fighting?”

The two commanders immediately retorted: “How are we to fight? That is the Fire Country’s Emperor right there! We had come here merely to support and assist the Condor Country’s army anyway, and are not that determined to completely annihilate the Qi Kingdom. We have already spent so much time here and have done enough. If we are expected to make the Fire Country our enemy, I am afraid we will not be able to do that!”

[No matter how powerful the Condor Country is, it isn’t as important as their lives.]

Lin Xiao did not say a word, but his eyes were already shining with a malicious glint. The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief detected the change in the youth and had wanted to say something but was already too late!

Two rays of Purple Spirit energy shot out from Lin Xiao’s hands, coiling straight around the two Commanders’ neck!

In a blink, the two muscular Commanders clad in their armour who were seated atop their warhorses were lifted into the air by the two rays of spirit energy, their throats being squeezed by a powerful force, cutting off their air supply bit by bit. The two men kicked and struggled in mid air, their horrified gazes locked upon Lin Xiao whose body was glowing with the flare of Purple Spirit energy.

[Purple Spirit!] [That weak and frail looking youth was actually a Purple Spirit at the pinnacle of power!] [Invisible and formless, the fear gripped the hearts of the two Commanders, their eyes wide with horror.]

“The two of you listen here. Today, you’ll fight whether you like it or not. If I find out that anyone is thinking of escaping, I will make them realise what it means to live a fate worse than death!” Lin Xiao said, his eyes narrowed to a slit, the malicious expression on his face undoubtable.

“Do you understand?” He continued to ask.

The two Commanders immediately nodded, not daring to resist any further.

Lin Xiao then retracted his spirit power and the two men fell crashing to the ground, gasping heavily for air with their hands grasping at their necks, the shock still evident in their eyes as they stared at Lin Xiao.

“Get your sorry behinds back to your armies and when the Condor Country’s bugle sounds, both of you would do well to launch an attack immediately!” Lin Xiao threatened coldly.

The two Commanders scrambled onto their horses and fled back to their armies.

“Now, sound the bugle to signal the attack and don’t take up anymore of my time. It’s just two useless pieces of trash and they were actually able to scare all of you to such a state.” Lin Xiao said with a sneer as he looked at the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief.

Under Lin Xiao’s orders, the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief had no choice but to comply and the bugle was sounded quickly. After a momentary quiet, the armies finally launched another attack upon the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City!

Jun Wu Xie stood in midair as she stared at the armies of the three countries moving to launch another attack and the murder in her eyes could no longer be contained.

“Before the Fire Country’s army gets here, we cannot let them get past those gates.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowing up. She needed to buy enough time to drag it out till the Qi Kingdom’s final hope arrives!

“As you wish.” Jun Wu Yao turned his head to look smilingly at Jun Wu Xie.

[As long as she wants it, as long as she seeks it, he will satisfy them all one by one.]

Originally, there had only been several hurricanes blocking the way outside the Imperial City. But just as Jun Wu Yao’s voice fell, the number of those hurricanes suddenly grew to become ten times the original number!

The densely gathered hurricanes fully blocked the way towards every inch of the city’s walls, which completely denied anyone of a chance to attack the city!

Those who had rushed to surround the Imperial City had in an instant, been sucked into the hurricanes and disappeared from sight!

The quantity of the highly deadly hurricanes was increasing quickly, driving great fear and terror into the heart of the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief and even Lin Xiao who had been steadily cool all this time had shown signs of cracking.


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