GDBBM – Chapter 1162

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Chapter 1162: “Mob Slap – Second Form (3)”


The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief’s words extinguished the last ray of hope in the hearts of the other two commanders.

When the Fire Country’s Emperor had personally appeared outside the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City and made his stance clear that no one was allowed to take a single step into the Imperial City, naturally none of them possessed the guts to challenge the Fire Country’s might. Against such an immensely powerful country, if they really provoked and angered them, obliterating both their countries would be as easy as taking a drink.

“For no reason, why is the Fire Country getting themselves involved in a matter like this? The Qi Kingdom is so far away from the Fire Country, so why are they stretching their hand so far out for! ?” A commander asked, his face deathly pale.

“What are we going to do now? Are we really going to strike against the Fire Country’s Emperor? That….. that might not really be suitable.” Another commander said, the expression on his face flustered.

The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief’s brows creased together. The current situation was not one that he had ever thought would happen. Although the Condor Country was strong and powerful, but compared to the highly prosperous and powerful Fire Country who was securely lodged in the seat of supremacy, they were still a distance behind. If they were to really face off with the Fire Country, they would have nothing to gain out of it.

At that point, even the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief could not help himself any longer but started to show signs of hesitation.

“It is merely just an Emperor and you are all already shaking in your boots? What a joke.” The youth who had been watching the three Commanders from the side saw their ashen paces said with a sneer.

The Commanders from the other two countries immediately turned to look at him, their faces frowning slightly.

This person had been with the Condor Country’s forces right from the beginning. Highly good looking, his body tall and slender, not looking the least bit like he was from the Condor Country’s army. They had initially not cared much about it, but along the way, the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief had been highly respectful to the youth and it could even be said that the Commander in Chief obeyed him in many instances, making the other two Commanders not dare to underestimate the youth’s identity.

But now, the Fire Country had joined in the battle and although only the Emperor alone had come, everyone there however knew what that truly meant. But even then, the youth was still saying such things flippantly which greatly displeased the other two Commanders.

“Just merely an Emperor? That’s putting it too lightly! Do you know how powerful the Fire Country is? Since the Fire Country was founded, they had always sat in the seat reigning supreme over the various countries. Many of those who had overestimated themselves and provoked them had all in the end lost their home countries where their lands became part of the Fire Country, to forever disappear from the world!” One of the Commanders could not help but retort in contempt.

The youth glanced at him and his eyes flashed with displeasure. The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief’s heart filled with terror and he quickly said: “Lord Lin Xiao, please do not be angry. What he spoke was the truth as the Fire Country is really not that easy to deal with.”

The youth named Lin Xiao laughed coldly and swung his eyes onto the Commander who had spoken rudely to say in a sneer: “Angry? What is there for me to get angry with with a bunch of trash like this? I just think that you all really wouldn’t be able to sink any lower. An alliance of four countries just to invade a tiny Qi Kingdom and it had taken you so much effort. And now only a measly two people from the Fire Country had appeared and it has already frightened you into such a state. You guys are just a joke.”

The expression on the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief’s face wasn’t looking too good but he held himself back, while the faces of the other two Commanders had already darkened completely. Although they were nowhere near as powerful as the Condor Country, but as Chief Commanders of their countries’ military, they had never had to suffer such insults!

“Just two people? Don’t tell me you did not see it. When those two people appeared, several thousands of our soldiers outside the Imperial City’s gates had all died without even having their bodies intact! You are really so foolish to think that the Fire Country’s Emperor would suddenly appear alone? That man beside him, possesses extraordinary powers!” One of the Commanders spat through gritted teeth.


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