GDBBM – Chapter 1161

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Chapter 1161: “Mob Slap – Second Form (2)”


Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao’s appearance, caused a strange eerie silence to fall over the fiercely intense battlefield, with only the sound of the howling gale sweeping past everyone’s ears.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and looked at the chaotic battlefield, looking at the armies of the three allied countries that had surged like the tide. When she saw the three country allied armies rushing towards the gates of the Imperial City, her rage had risen to a boiling point!

If she had arrived just a moment later, the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City would have been instantly overrun by the three countries’ forces, and her family members would have been mercilessly trampled by the armoured cavalry of the allied forces!

The rage within Jun Wu Xie made her eyes turn impossibly frosty. She turned her head slightly, to search within the Imperial City for familiar figures.

And her eyes quickly met those of Jun Xian’s. Cold and indifferent as she always was, her gaze at that moment wavered slightly.


Jun Wu Xie wanted so much to run to Jun Xian, to ask her Grandfather whether he had been well all this time. But she really did not have the time for that now. She turned her head back to stare at the armies screaming in horror before her and she drew in a deep breath.

The gazes of the three countries’ allied army were now all focused upon Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao. They had never seen anything so horrifying. Several thousand soldiers suddenly turning into blood and gore in a single blink and the several hurricanes still had not stopped. They continued to howl as they spun endlessly, as good as having an impenetrable high steel wall before them, that blocked the way into the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City completely, keeping the allied armies of the three countries, blocked outside!

“Who are you people! Why are you making an enemy out of our three countries! ?” The Commander in Chief of the Condor Country infused his entire body with spirit power, and shouted out towards Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao hovering in the air.

Within the howling of the gale, Jun Wu Xie lifted her chin slightly and her chilling gaze swept over each and every of the enemy armies as she said grandly: “Hither stands the Emperor of the Fire state, and all hither needeth no longer dream of setting one foot into the Imperial City!”

Jun Wu Xie’s voice was tinged with a trace of frost, and highly domineering, as it resounded upon the expanse of land.

Her words shocked everyone so much they gasped loudly!

[Fire Country, that is the mightiest country throughout the lands!] [Why had the Fire Country’s Emperor appeared in the Qi Kingdom? And why would he impede the steps of the three countries in their attack?]

Countless questions swam in their minds. The words, Fire Country, was just like a tall mountain, suddenly pressing heavily down upon all their chests.

Besides the Condor Country, the Commanders of the other two countries had immediately upon hearing Jun Wu Xie’s declaration, found their bodies to be trembling uncontrollably. They were not strong countries, and they had needed to form alliances to attack the Qi Kingdom, hence, it was needless to mention just how miniscule they were before the mighty Fire Country.

Never in their lives would they have ever thought they would one day make an enemy out of the Fire Country!

The other two Commanders were now in a state of panic. Attacking the Qi Kingdom had not made them feel pressure, but if they had to face the Fire Country….. They completely did not even dare to think about it!

Almost immediately after ascertaining Jun Wu Xie’s identity, they drove their horses into a sprint to come before the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief and asked highly nervously: “Is that really the Fire Country’s Emperor? Why does the Fire Country want to interfere with the Qi Kingdom’s affairs! ?”

A tiny country like the Qi Kingdom, would never be able to establish any links with the Fire Country, but the youth had claimed to be the Fire Country’s Emperor and that had made their hearts panic.

“What he is wearing upon his head, is indeed the Fire Country’s Emperor’s crown.” The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief admitted through gritted teeth.

Not long ago, the Fire Country had indeed sent news about the change of regime and there had also been rumours that said that the throne was handed to a just a young youth. Under the Heavens, people who dared impersonate the Fire Country’s Emperor did not exist.


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