GDBBM – Chapter 1160

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Chapter 1160: “Mob Slap – Second Form (1)”


A clean and clear faced youth donned in silver armour and a flawlessly handsome man stood side by side in mid air. Under the blood spraying everywhere, everyone’s eyes were all focused upon the two people!

In a blink, all those from the three country allied forces who had been about to rush into the Imperial City were sucked up into the hurricanes! A wide expanse of space right in front of the Imperial City was swept completely clear and blood fell like rain, splatters of ground flesh falling upon the faces of the soldiers from the armies of the three countries, immediately throwing all the people there into a state of shock by the gory scene right before their eyes!

“Who are those people!” The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief who held command from the back suddenly stared with his eyes wide, in incredulous disbelief at the two people who had suddenly appeared in mid air.

Within the Imperial City, the soldiers who had sunk into despair now raised their heads, similarly staring at the two people standing above in the air, their faces frozen with rapture. But within the ranks of the Rui Lin Army, several people spotted a highly familiar figure!

That figure was a little taller than they remembered, and the face was also different from it had been in the beginning. But for those Rui Lin Army soldiers who had previously gone to the Battle Spirits Forest that time, knew very clearly who that petite and delicately attractive looking youth was exactly!

“Young Miss…..” Long Qi’s eyes widened, as he stared at the youth standing next to Jun Wu Yao!

[That countenance, was obviously the face of Jun Wu Xie after altering her looks!] [Jun Wu Xie has come back!] [Their Young Miss was back!]

Jun Qing was standing right next to Long Qi and Long Qi’s involuntary soft whisper reached his ears without missing a word, making his heart leap!

“Long Qi, who….. did you say that was?” Jun Qing’s voice was already trembling.

Long Qi was startled back to his senses by the question and said: “It’s the Young Miss, that is Young Miss.”

“Wu Xie…..” Jun Qing whispered as he stared at the petite little figure, his heart quickly wrenching up.

In the beginning, when Long Qi brought back the news to them that Jun Wu Xie was unable to come home, although the father and son pair had been surprised and highly pained by the parting, they had not probed too much into it as they believed that Jun Wu Xie knew what she was doing. She might still be young, but she was not as rash and impulsive as other youths her age, hence if she felt that it was necessary to do that, they wouldn’t have any objections against it.

But the longing in their hearts, had never once stopped.

Jun Qing was able to recognize Jun Wu Yao beside Jun Wu Xie, and with Long Qi’s words, it only further convinced him that the petite figure was definitely Jun Wu Xie!

When the Qi Kingdom was faced with the crisis, Jun Qing had once thought, that maybe he and his father would not be able to see Jun Wu Xie again in this life. Besides feeling regret, they had also felt some sense of comfort that Jun Wu Xie was not around to have to face this calamity. People of the Jun Family had never been afraid to spill blood upon the battlefield, but they still held hope that Jun Wu Xie would be able to live freely.

However, when Jun Qing saw Jun Wu Xie return, the surge of roiling emotions in his heart could no longer be expressed in words!

Jun Qing almost immediately turned his head around to the back, to look at the equally stunned Jun Xian.

Jun Xian did not know that the little youth was actually Jun Wu Xie with her looks altered, but had instead recognized Jun Wu Yao. But his slightly tampered memory did not make him feel for the flawlessly handsome man who had become his grandson only in name, any of the indulgent love he had for Jun Wu Xie, not even in the slightest.

“Father!” Jun Qing could not help but open his mouth to call out.

Jun Xian turned to Jun Qing.

Jun Qing moved his lips moved without him making a sound, silently mouthing out the words to Jun Xian.

[That is Wu Xie, that is their Lin Palace’s Jun Wu Xie!]

Jun Xian immediately gasped in shock. When he had stood before a million lions on the battlefield, his hands had not trembled at all. But at that moment, the hand he used to grip his sword was suddenly shaking uncontrollably!


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