GDBBM – Chapter 1159

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Chapter 1159: “Imperial City In Crisis (4)”

The people were of different ages and dressed in different clothes, very regular civilians from the various big cities. They had been forced to escape from the cities they had been from by the war and had ran the entire way, a journey that had been filled with terror and panic, seeking for a final sliver of hope. But when they reached here and saw that the Imperial City had been surrounded, at that moment….. all of them suddenly found themselves filled with a roaring rage!

“Kill! !” A youth who was still a little green shouted as he ran at the front of the gaggle of people, his eyes red and bloodshot, as he stared at the armies of the three countries who had destroyed their homes and killed their people!

The Imperial City must not be breached!

The Qi Kingdom cannot be allowed to fall!

Throughout history, this was the weakest army ever assembled, a force that couldn’t even be called an army in any sense of the word. But at this moment when the fate of the country was at stake, they suddenly turned to become a force that was completely fearless!

Upon the Imperial City’s wall, Jun Qing was already prepared to fight to the death with the armies of the three countries but he suddenly spotted the ragtag army right at the other end, at the back of the enemy lines!

His eyes widened as he stared in disbelief, his Bone Eroding White Owl taking to the skies, transmitting all that it saw with its eyes to Jun Qing!

Jun Qing could not make himself believe that the citizens of the Qi Kingdom would come charging onto the battlefield when the battle was just about to become most intense!

They were from different cities and from varying parts, but there was one thing they had in common!

Within their bodies, the same unyielding hot blood of the Qi Kingdom flowed with rage!

Jun Qing’s body shook uncontrollably. Within the Bone Eroding White Owl’s sight, he saw scene where the people from that ragtag army being crushed by the armies of the three countries, the elderly who were already past half a century old, the youths who had yet to come of age, the strong able bodied men among them…..

Under the hooves of the armoured cavalry of the three armies, blood instantly stained the land!

They might not have been powerful, they might have been a joke in the eyes of others.

But they had used their very lives to buy a brief period of time for the Imperial City. And that very brief period of time would turn out to be the moments bought that changed the fate of the entire Qi Kingdom!

That very weak ragtag army made up from tens of thousands of the Qi Kingdom’s citizens had not lasted even an hour before the trained armies of the three countries before they were completely annihilated, without a single survivor! Their dead bodies lay in pools of blood, but their spirits would never be extinguished!

“What a joke.” The white robed youth said as he held a young boy from the Qi Kingdom by the head, flinging him around like he would a toy. “So helplessly fragile that it’s almost sad. I just twisted him slightly and his head had come off just like that. Ha ha ha!”

With a loud crack, the youth crushed the head and it exploded within his hand!

Blood and brains immediately flew out in all directions!

And on his face, there was only an expression of excitement and joy!

“Such a bunch of trash and they had actually held us back for an hour. Doesn’t matter though, take it as a chance for those ants within the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City to catch their breaths for the last time.” The youth said nonchalantly as he pulled out a handkerchief to wipe his blood stained fingers clean as he turned to look towards the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief.

“Now, launch an all out attack immediately! In one hour’s time, I want the name of Qi Kingdom to forever disappear from the face of the land!”

The bugles signalling for an attack sounded!

The armoured cavalry of the three countries charged towards the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City!

The battered city’s gates that had held out for so long finally shattered at that moment!

However, at the very moment that the three countries’ armies were about to seize the moment and pour into the Imperial City through the shattered gates – A howling gale suddenly came sweeping in!

Several hurricanes sucked all the soldiers amassed before the city’s gates into the air, and anguished screams suddenly tore through the air! From within the spinning hurricanes, blood splatters shot out in all directions!

From within that blood rain, two figures suddenly appeared above the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City!


Author’s Note: The Rui Lin Army will never disappear. As long as the soldier’s spirit remains, there will be someone to succeed them in the days to come, to carry on their will.

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