GDBBM – Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: “Winds of Change (2)”

Jun Wu Xie’s smile widened.

The public execution of Wu Wang, was brutal and bestial, the people stared at Jun Wu Xie as if looking at the devil incarnate.

The Emperor was seething in rage, although they were never close, Wu Wang was nevertheless a member of the Imperial Family, and the Emperor’s blood related brother. Executing him in the Emperor’s presence without his consent was disrespecting the Crown!

His royal decree was interrupted and ignored, and Jun Wu Xie killed the duke before he could finish the sentence!

“Jun Wu Xie! You dare…..” The Emperor trembled in contained rage.

Jun Wu Xie continued nonplussed: “The investigation on Wu Wang has been resolved. The Rui Lin Army will be bringing in the other accomplices involved in the attack on the Second Prince shortly.”

“What do you plan to do?” The Emperor feared what Jun Wu Xie has in plan next.

She must have lost her mind!

Jun Wu Xie’s smile grew more radiant,and the cold seemed to have diffused out of her.

“I will carry out His Majesty’s orders to the end.”

The Emperor’s face twitched.

When did she receive orders to execute Wu Wang?

“Long Qi!” Jun Wu Xie summoned.


“Bring to me Official Wang, Official Shangguan, Official Xu…..” Jun Wu Xie continued on a long list of over ten court officials, the crowd murmured in reaction to every name Jun Wu Xie announced to ‘invite’ over.

Tonight, not one will be spared!

“That is enough! Jun Wu Xie! All those people are high ranking court officials, and you have executed Wu Wang. The matter should have ended!” The Emperor realised now the reason for killing Wu Wang in front of him. It was a show of force and for vengeance. In retaliation for what happened at the Lin Palace tonight!

The order to investigate into the attackers on the Second Prince was to make things difficult for Jun Xian by giving him false leads, never would the Emperor have thought, the same order was being used to make things so difficult for himself.

Under the pretext of carrying out the orders of the Emperor dutifully in full view of the crowd gathered, the Emperor can find no good reason to admonish Jun Wu Xie.

But, if she is allowed free rein, the Imperial City will be a sea of red come sunrise.

“Your Majesty.” Jun Wu Xie looked up at the Emperor. “These traitors, harbour sinister intentions against the prince, the punishment meted fits such horrendous crimes. Moreover, the Lin Palace was given full authority to punish the culprits in any manner seen fit.” This was mentioned in the conversation between Jun Xian and Jun Qing, while Jun Wu Xie listened.

The Jun father and son’s casual conversation was remembered word for word by Jun Wu Xie.

The Emperor’s anger rushed to his head and he felt faint as he swayed on his feet.

It dawned on him now! It was now clear!

The reason for the Rui Lin Army’s grand entrance was to alarm and gather the people of the whole city, who will be curious of the ruckus in the dead of the night. Jun Wu Xie knew the Emperor’s concern for his reputation and good standing in the eyes of the people, and with the people gathered, the Emperor will be hard pressed to deal with Jun Wu Xie without offending the crowd that gathered! With the authority given the the Lin Palace to mete out punishments as befitted the crime, Jun Wu Xie now used that power, under His Majesty’s banner, to eradicate the threats to the Lin Palace, punishing them as she wished.

Unless the Emperor has proof to refute that the officials are guilty, he will have to put up with seeing those officials beheaded one after another!

What proof can he possibly produce to refute? The corpses lying down there were sent to Lin Palace to wipe them out as a fact, that was irrefutable. He cannot publicly renege on his words that the prince was attacked by a lone attacker now, can he? Mo Xuan Fei declared he was attacked by a group of attackers for two reasons. The first was to save himself from humiliation, and the second reason was just to stump Jun Xian in his investigations.

No way can the truth that they sent these assassins to kill off the Jun Family be made known to the citizens gathered.

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