GDBBM – Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: “Winds of Change (1)”

Just kill Jun Xian and Lin Palace prowess will drop by half.

No matter how much ability Jun Wu Xie has, she was still only a kid and Jun Qing was a crippled waste, the most Lin Palace could hang on was for a little while more.

Once they started this, it was a road of no return.

The Emperor knows the importance of this matter and even if Jun Wu Xie had suspected that tonight’s attack on Lin Palace was related to them, she had no witnesses. If she dared to revolt, he had the excuse to put them down and charge them with treason. Henceforth sealing the entire Rui Lin Army.

The reason why the Emperor was wary of the Rui Lin Army was not only because of its military power but also because of its high reputation amongst the people of Qi. The Rui Lin Army were highly regarded in their hearts and even if the Emperor had secretly harboured thoughts on disbanding them, he had to take into account the voices of the people of Qi.

If he had followed thru his intentions, he would be buried with petitions and cursed by many. There will be chaos that he did not have a solution to.

Their plans could never keep up with the changes, as the Emperor hushly whispered some orders to Mo Xuan Fei, another regiment of Rui Lin Army arrived.

This regiment was led by Long Qi in the forefront as he dragged in a huge sack. As he was approaching Jun Wu Xie, people could see that there was a constant struggle from within as well as screams as if killing a pig.

Hmmm. Somehow the screams sounded a little familiar to the Emperor.

“Reporting to Young Miss, we have brought the person here.” Long Qi flung the sack to one side as he reported the completion of his task.

The big black beast which Jun Wu Xie was riding went towards the sack and used its sharp claws to firmly grasp the side and tore through it as a stout  round figure tumbled out.

The person rolled onto the bloodied muddy floor as his luxurious robes were stained. He lay sprawled onto the cold ground momentarily trying to grasp the situation, before he could even make an attempt to escape, he was pushed onto the ground by the black beast’s paw. His obese face was trampled into the mud as the screams continued and resounded into the sky.

Everyone on the wall instantly recognised that person who just rolled out!

“Jun Wu Xie! What do you think you are doing! Why did you catch Wu Wang for?!” The Emperor’s face was black to the extreme, that screaming round figure that was trampled on was his Brother, Wu Wang!

When Jun Wu Xie saw the Emperor’s hideous expression, her thin lips curled upwards into a hint of smile.

Under the moonlight, that smile exuded a chillness that made all who saw it feel as if they were on a snowy plain and the coldness was making their teeth chatter.

Jun Wu Xie had rarely smiled, be it this world or previous world. One can say that her smile was a treasure!

However each time she smiled, it was as if opening pandora’s box.

It was even mentioned before that her smile was alluring and lethal.

While people were still obsessed with that intoxicating smile, Jun Wu Xie casually replied: “Wu Wang colluded with the attackers and has bad intentions towards Second Prince. Immediate Execution!”

That cold voice made the Emperor wake from his previous stupor and stared wide eyed at Jun Wu Xie and bellowed: “Jun Wu Xie! You better not mess….”

“Aaah!” Shrill screams interrupted the Emperor. Wu Wang who was still pressed down in the mud by the paw was swiftly attacked by the black beast.

Beneath the black beast now rolled out a dirty fat head that had eyes full of fear as it stared at the Palace walls.

Grandfather, those that dare to bully you, Wu Xie will help you get rid of them!

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