GDBBM – Chapter 117

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Chapter 117: “Winds of Change (3)”

That truth must never be made known. What would the people think?

In the eyes of the people of Qi, the Lin Palace and the Rui Lin Army enjoyed a high stature, worshipped on a pedestal. For this very same reason, the Emperor wanted to eradicate the Jun Family. If his intentions were known to the people, he would suffer scorn and disdain.

There was no exceptions. Not at all.

Not just the people, with the Rui Lin Army entrenched within the Imperial City, if the truth was made known now, their fierce loyalty to the Jun Family will have them dragging the Emperor himself out and slaughtered right there and then!

The Emperor had his hands tightly bound, his concern on his reputation and standing to the people, and the strength of the Rui Lin Army severely restricted his options to salvage the situation.

With the Rui Lin Army, a single word from Jun Wu Xie, and his head could roll.

“Long Qi, proceed!” Jun Wu Xie looked at the Emperor with disdain. With what he had done to Mo Qian Yuan, she knew the Emperor was more concerned in protecting his reputation and standing with the people, than protecting the lives of his vassals and officials.

She would test the limit tonight, to see how long the Emperor can stand up to this.

Killing the high ranking officials, creating chaos in the Imperial City, they were all to pressure the Emperor to hand over Jun Xian. Jun Wu Xie was calm and collected, if the Emperor plays tough, she was prepared to kill all officials and even functionaries of the Imperial Palace!

Even the Son of Heaven, the Emperor himself!

She will find Jun Xian!

Long Qi led a group of Rui Lin Army soldiers to arrest the officials named. All high ranking officials’ residences and palaces have already been surrounded before to prevent escape.

Jun Wu Xie had ordered them surrounded before they moved out from Lin Palace.

The Emperor watching the back of the departing Long Qi grew anxious, but the scheme Jun Wu Xie rendered him helpless.

He never would have dreamt that the Jun Family could have an offspring so cold and malicious. On top of that, it turned out to be the little overbearing girl who followed behind Mo Xuan Fei like a little puppy before.

The change that came over the Jun Family’s Missy was astounding to say the least!

Equally taken aback was Mo Xuan Fei, who stood behind the Emperor. Her deeds tonight have scarred him for life. He never knew she was capable of such malice. If she ever knew those assassins were his doing…..

Mo Xuan Fei could not continue that line of thought!

The Jun Wu Xie whom he disregarded before, had come back a relentless nightmare, with him caged in it.

The people on the wall, watched on in the chill wind as Jun Wu Xie deployed the Rui Lin Army soldiers. From their high vantage point, they could see the whole city. The wall was originally built to illustrate the high status of the Emperor, and no buildings were allowed to be higher than the Imperial Palace.

Tonight the high point only served to allow them to see the Rui Lin Army and its awe.

They saw sea of torches and dust kicked by the massive number of horses, riding towards to residences of the named officials.

It was a cold and chilly night, but the Emperor and Mo Xuan Fei were roasting, like they were caught in an oven, their backs soaked in sweat.

Mo Qian Yuan stood at the back of the people on the wall, watching the events that played out, a smile suppressed.

Provoke the heavens, provoke the earth, but Jun Wu Xie was not to be provoked!

A pity his Father and brother found that out too late.

A pity, too late!

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