GDBBM – Chapter 1158

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Chapter 1158: “Imperial City In Crisis (3)”


On the outside of the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City, at the back of the three countries’ armies, the Commander in Chief of the Condor Country sat overseeing the entire siege, with his eyes narrowed as he watched the city engulfed by the flames of battle. At his side, a good looking young youth dressed in white clothes sat leisurely upon a horse, as he looked at the turmoil being inflicted upon the Imperial City, with a lazy smile on his lips.

“Such a small country and it had taken all of you so much effort. Is this the extent of the Condor Country’s might?” The good looking youth remarked, as he glanced at the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief, his eyes filled with disdain, without the slightest sign of respect in them.

Towards the youth’s sneering question, the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief however did not dare to utter a word in rebuttal but only said: “Although the Qi Kingdom is small, but it is the bone that is the hardest to gnaw upon among all the countries. The size of its lands in their entirety, is less than one fifth of the Condor Country, however, they possess the strongest and most powerful force within their armies. If they did not have that army, under the tussle for power of the various countries,  the Qi Kingdom would have long lost their ability to defend themselves.”

Although the Qi Kingdom was going to be defeated, but the Commander in Chief of the Condor Country deeply respected this most ferocious strike force. Even if the Qi Kingdom fell this day, the Rui Lin Army was still held in honour and esteem.

The country’s fall, was no fault of theirs, but was due to the foolishness of the previous Emperor of the kingdom.

“Ha, that is merely just an excuse and I am not going to believe it. In a place like this, could it really be possible that a thing such as an undefeatable soldier’s spirit would exist? I’m sure it’s just that you are all too weak that you would need the combined might of four countries just to attack a small country like this, and even needed half a month to do it. You all must truly be useless.” The youth said sneeringly.

The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief’s brows creased together, and he fought to suppress the rage filling up in his heart.

“What I have promised you, will definitely be done.”

The youth threw a sidelong glance at the Commander in Chief and said: “Is there a need to get so displeased? This deal, was one that your very own Emperor pleaded with us to agree to. If not for all his begging, there are many people who would be willing to work for us. Without you guys of the Condor Country, we can still seek out the Fire Country. Moreover in this deal, the Condor Country has nothing to lose. To annihilate a tiny Qi Kingdom, we will be able to get what we seek, while your country will be able to gain more power, so why not?”

“What is it that you people are looking for?” The Commander in Chief asked uneasily as he looked at the youth. The youth’s age looked only to be about slightly over twenty but his possessed extremely strong powers. Even the most powerful fighter in their entire country had when faced with this youth, been unable to even survive a single strike from him. They had gone to seek the Condor Country’s Emperor and agreed on a secret deal between themselves, which he was not privy to, but only knew that their mission was to destroy the Qi Kingdom, and after the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City fell, they were to assist the youth in searching for something.

The youth then replied: “That is not something you should ask about.”

The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief clenched his jaw and lowered his head.

However, at that very same moment, a roar of chaos suddenly broke out from the back of their armies that reached them!

The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief turned his head back to look and saw that an army was suddenly charging towards the three countries’ armies from the back!

To put it more accurately, that couldn’t be counted as a real army. All the people within that army were formed up by the Qi Kingdom’s citizenry, their bodies covered with a mixed assortment of armour made from cane, various blades and knives gripped in their hands. A few among them were even holding clumsy and unwieldy tools used in farming, disorganized and scattered, their steps not in tandem as they shouted while charging towards the encampment of the three countries’ armies.

The youth stared in puzzlement at the motley crew and he said in a voice that sounded like he found it very funny: “Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha! This is what the Qi Kingdom is? Ha ha ha! This is the army the Qi Kingdom has? My Heavens! This has got to be the most amusing bunch of people put together into a so called army that I have seen!”

The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief’s heart was shocked. “That is not the Qi Kingdom’s army, but the Qi Kingdom’s common citizens.”

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