GDBBM – Chapter 1157

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Chapter 1157: “Imperial City In Crisis (2)”

He had never known, with the Dragon Robe on him, what he gained was not just status and authority, but his shoulders were also burdened with whether the Qi Kingdom lived or perished. He had never known that the citizens of the Qi Kingdom, would step forward in a situation like this!

At that moment, Mo Qian Yuan felt an immense pride. He was proud of himself to be born into this country!

The most glorious thing that had happened to him in his life was to have become the ruler of the Qi Kingdom!

Proud of the people of the Qi Kingdom, proud of the men of the Qi Kingdom’s army!

Although the Qi Kingdom was small, but everyone within the Qi Kingdom, the soldiers with the people, came together to protect their country!

To defend the pride of the Qi Kingdom!

With such an army, with such people in the country, how rare and precious was that?

Even if the Qi Kingdom was to fall, the backs of the people in the Qi Kingdom would not bend!

Rather a broken jade piece than a tile whole! [Translator’s Note from Cloud: (Chinese idiom) In this instance, sensible replacement would be: Rather choose death than to suffer dishonour!]

“Duke Lin! The city’s gates are not going to hold!” A soldier pushing against the city’s gates shouted out in terror towards Jun Xian who held command of the forces within the city. His eyes were filled with fear, a fear not borne from the fact that he was about to face the enemy and meet impending death, but a fearful despair that the country was about to fall!

[From the time when the Qi Kingdom was founded, how many battles big and small have they seen? How many invasions from stronger forces have they pushed back? Although they were not considered to be a powerful country, they nevertheless held their own belief. They defended their lands and protected their homes, all because their belief had never wavered, that their country must not fall!] [After having struggled through the tumultuous wars at the founding of the country, to finally enjoy a period of peace. But now….. everything is about to end?]

They would not accept it!


Jun Xian’s brows knotted tightly together. Once the city’s gates were breached, how long would the soldiers within the city be able to hold out for?

The number of Rui Lin Army soldiers he had left were not much and the Qi Kingdom’s army’s numbers were dwindling continuously.

Would they be able to last past this day?

Jun Xian could not be certain. He had fought through many wars and had a soldier’s spirit that had climbed out under blood. But at that moment, faced with the desperate straits that the Qi Kingdom was in, he could not devise a solution to get them all out of it.

“All Rui Lin Army soldiers heed my command!” Jun Xian suddenly took a step forward!

All the Rui Lin Army soldiers in the city who had miraculously managed to survive all turned their gazes towards Jun Xian.

“From the day that the Rui Lin Army was established, I and the other old Generals knew then that this army will forever protect the Qi Kingdom’s soil. In the face of the kingdom’s current crisis, this battle, will become the final battle of the Rui Lin Army! I, Jun Xian, throughout my entire life, my greatest pride is to be able to lead all of you here, a group of loyal and iron blooded men such as you! Today, even till the last breath, till the last drop of blood! Do not besmirch the name of the Rui Lin Army! Even knowing that the name Rui Lin Army will no longer exist under the Heavens after today, we must make everyone throughout the lands remember it! That the Qi Kingdom once had a most ferocious force that struck fear into the hearts of their enemies! An army that never admitted defeat! At this final juncture, fight showing off the guts of the Rui Lin Army!” Jun Xian lifted his head, his gaze determined and unwavering. Under the strong wind blowing, he seemed to have gone back into the past, in his twenties at his prime, valiant and formidable, leading the newly formed Rui Lin Army, charging into the battlefield!

“Kill! Kill! Kill!” The earth shattering roars tore out from the throats of the Rui Lin Army soldiers!

They did not fear death, and welcomed the battlefield!

They were born with soldier’s spirit, fated to tangle with blood battles!

Born for the battlefield, die by the battlefield, would be their final moment of glory!

The Rui Lin Army’s vigor shot towards the skies, the ear splitting roars bringing hot blood to pump into the chests of the people around, roaring in defiance that epitomized the Rui Lin Army’s unyielding spine!

Jun Xian drew a deep breath, and exchanged a glance with Jun Qing standing atop the city’s wall. Jun Qing nodded and gave his father smile that belonged to a son.

Jun Xian then retracted his gaze and unsheathed the sword at his hip, facing the city’s gates, sinking into his emotions in the final moments.


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