GDBBM – Chapter 1156

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Chapter 1156: “Imperial City In Crisis (1)”

As the Prosper Country’s army had still not been completely eradicated, and Jun Wu Xie needed to rush to the Imperial City immediately, she could only have Jun Wu Yao bring her by flying there.

The Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City was shrouded in the thick smoke of war.

Arrows were flying through the air like rain and soldiers fell from the city walls, but the gaps would be quickly filled up with more soldiers running up to the positions to pull back their bows to shoot at the enemy!

The Imperial City’s walls were tightly shut as the armies of the three countries charged at it, trying to break through it.

Within the city, countless soldiers were pushing against the city’s closed gates with all their might, as thick logs were carried to the gates to prop it up to resist the incessant battering upon it.

“Hurry! Archers keep up!” Jun Qing stood within the city, directing the defence of the city, as the concentrated barrages of arrows from outside were already sailing over the city’s walls to fly within the city itself. Many of the arrows were lit with fire and all the soldiers around the perimeter of the walls had raised their shields to stop the falling arrows, with the clear clanking sounds suddenly reverberating inside the city, the fire arrows bursting in a shower of flames and sparks when they landed!

“Quickly put out all the fire!” Jun Qing shouted, wishing that he could split himself up. With the enemy at the gates, the only choice left for them was to defend the city till the end!

Once the city’s gates were breached, the soldiers of the three countries would spill in like the unstoppable tide and the soldiers they had within the city would not be able to resist the lions outside which numbered more than a million!

The common citizens within the city were hiding within their own homes to hide from the assault from rain of arrows, while all the able bodied men had already given up on hiding. As the country’s citizens, they had chosen to step up at that moment. They did not possess high spirit powers, nor did they have powerful ring spirits, but they still have their pair of able hands! With the city on fire, they carried water to help put them out, and when the soldiers got injured, they carried them away to have them get treatment!

Within the city at that moment, only the frail elderly and womenfolk with their children were hiding quietly, the rest of them, all able bodied adults had involved themselves with this battle to defend their homeland!

The soldiers from the three countries then prepared to scale the walls!

The Qi Kingdom’s soldiers poured flammable oil onto the scaling ladders and set them on fire to prevent the enemy soldiers’ infiltration!

The shattering explosions and shrieking howls pierced the Heavens!

Mo Qian Yuan stood in the city, looking at the chaotic scene before him as his heart winced. He had ignored all his officers’ protest and had personally come to join the battle dressed in armour.

[He is the ruler of the Qi Kingdom, so how could he continue to hide within the Palace and allow the men in his army and his citizen’s blood to continue to be spilled!]

The city’s gates were taking a huge battering, the reinforced gates had shown a crack under the incessant ramming, the endless quivering of the wood saw chips flying with each impact, just like the final struggle put up by the Qi Kingdom, tottering and shaking.

Everyone was stubbornly resisting, but in the hearts of them all, they knew clearly that their resistance would finally still result in futility.

Outside the city, were three armies from three countries surging against their gates.

Breaching the city, was a matter of time.


Not a single one among them was willing to give up at that moment!

This was their country! The soil their homes sat upon!

Even if they fought till their last drop of blood, they would never want to become a slave from a fallen country!

Mo Qian Yuan stood upon the street, looking at the medley of his citizens, watching them put their common and mediocre ring spirits to use, in support against the Imperial City from being breached. Seeing them hold farming and work tools tightly in their hands, as they charge shouting towards the city’s gates, their brawny muscles bunched up tightly as they pushed against the gates together with the soldiers, the rims of his eyes suddenly felt hot.

In this life, he had experienced quite a bit. Patricide, usurpation, scheming against siblings….. before being installed into this rulership of the Qi Kingdom!

He had never known, with the Dragon Robe on him, what he gained was not just status and authority, but his shoulders were also burdened with whether the Qi Kingdom lived or perished. He had never known that the citizens of the Qi Kingdom, would step forward in a situation like this!

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