GDBBM – Chapter 1155

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Chapter 1155: “Mob Slap – First Form (4)”

“This reason….. is why you have attacked the Qi Kingdom?” The tone and words of the figure suddenly became a lot lighter and just as the Chief Commander thought that he could escape calamity this time, another jet black figure suddenly leapt out from one side!

It was a massive beast that looked like an enormously huge panther, which quickly pinned the Chief Commander onto the ground!

It widened its huge jaws, revealing its razor sharp fangs right before the Chief Commander’s eyes!


The sunlight had shifted, lighting up the countenance of the figure upon the warhorse.

Just one glance, and it put the Chief Commander’s heart into great shock!

Seated atop the warhorse, was actually a clear faced youth that looked to be about only fifteen years of age. The youth was wearing a suit of silver armour, his eyes filled with chilling murder, the stiffened corners of his mouth, revealing the rage burning within.

Jun Wu Xie sat high above, looking down at the Chief Commander helplessly pinned down by the massive black beast, those frosty eyes, seemingly looking at a man already dead.

He was obviously just a young youth, but the Chief Commander saw upon the head of the youth, the symbol of the Fire Country’s ruler, the Emperor’s crown!

[This youth….. is the Fire Country’s Emperor! !]

The Chief Commander could not believe his own eyes. It hadn’t been too long ago, when they had heard a shocking piece of news. The Fire Country’s previous Emperor had suddenly announced his abdication of the ruler’s throne in favour to the possessor of the Fire of Imperial Fire. However, the very day that the news was leaked out, the person who had just became the Fire Country’s Emperor had suddenly disappeared from the Fire Country’s Capital. No one knew who that person was, and no one knew where that person had gone!

The Chief Commander would never even in his dreams have thought, that his first time seeing the new ruler of the Fire Country, would be on the soils of the Qi Kingdom like this!

“The armies of the Condor Country and the other two countries. Where are they?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes narrowing slightly.

[Not enough…..] [Still not enough…..] [Just one army of the Prosper Country was not enough to extinguish the raging inferno within her heart!]

She would never be able to forget. The scene her eyes saw the dead bodies of the fallen Rui Lin Army soldiers scattered upon the lands of the Qi Kingdom. Never will she forget when she saw the hordes of vultures circling above the corpses, and the nightmarish sight of those scavengers eating their flesh!

The stalwart and honourable men of the Rui Lin Army, blood spilled across the battlefields, defending their home country, an army her grandfather had painstakingly trained and groomed with his life’s blood and tears, which had been so mercilessly killed and trampled upon, by the combined strength of these four countries!

The vengeance due to the Rui Lin Army, would be exacted through her hand!

The countless debts of blood owed to the Qi Kingdom, she would claim it all back one by one, from the four countries’ allied forces!

“They….. They have already reached….. reached the Imperial City…..” The Chief Commander stuttered out in terror, unable to fathom why he would be so fearful of such a young youth.

All temperature immediately drained out from Jun Wu Xie’s face and she snapped her head up to look in the direction of the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City!

[Grandfather! Uncle!]

“Kill him.” Jun Wu Xie said through her tightly clenched jaws.

The black beast opened its jaws and tore out the Prosper Country’s Chief Commander’s throat!

Bright red blood spewed forth like a spring, spraying across the area!

Splattering over Jun Wu Xie, staining her silver armour in a shade of red!

“Big Brother!” Jun Wu Xie called out loudly all of a sudden!

The figure of Jun Wu Yao flashed from among the enemy soldiers numbering in tens of thousands to appear before Jun Wu Xie. He was all covered in blood, but not a single drop was from his body.


“Bring me to the Imperial City! Immediately!” Jun Wu Xie’s heart had fallen into an icy lake. Along the way here, she had already seen an innumerable number of corpses of the Rui Lin Army, and she did not know how many in the Rui Lin Army had lost their lives in this war. But one thing she knew for certain. With the armies of the other three countries pressing towards the Imperial City, the Qi Kingdom had already fallen into a truly desperate state!

There wasn’t another single minute to lose!

She must, and immediately rush to the Imperial City!

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