GDBBM – Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: “Soaring Cloud Signal (5)”

Alas, the Emperor was helpless at the moment, and Jun Wu Xie continued in total disregard of him as she pressed on: “These assassins are very crafty, many have fled and have hidden themselves within the Imperial City. I have ordered the Rui Lin Army to flush them out, please be at ease!”

“Lin Palace will never allow villains like them to hurt your people.” Jun Wu Xie shot up a wintry glance, the eyes colder than ice over a frozen lake.  

Jun Wu Xie was usually quiet, but when she spoke, she rendered people irrefutably speechless.

Scheming against the Jun Family? Hmph. She would like to see, who shall triumph?

They started the fire, and she blew it back, an inferno!

The Emperor bit down on his lip, unable to fault Jun Wu Xie. Looking at the corpses strewn in front of the gates, they number not far from the three hundred assassins Mo Xuan Fei sent to annihilate the Lin Palace. And seeing the mutilation and degree of wounds on them, none escaped the ferocious retaliation and walked out alive.

What did she have up her sleeve, what was her underlying motive?

This obviously was not merely about the capture of assassins, but to exert pressure on him!

The army of a hundred thousand, portrayed in brilliance with the glittering of torches weaving through the streets and alleys, sounded alarms within the Imperial Family.

The Emperor could not counter the situation at hand, and have the army retreat.

With the grand entrance the Rui Lin Army made, they woke the whole city and the people gathered, curious, around the Imperial Palace where they heard every word exchanged at the gates.

The scene that played out in front of the people seemed to be that the loyal Lin Palace had carried out their duty and apprehended the criminals.

Little did the large crowd know, they had been roped in unwittingly by Jun Wu Xie, to pressure the Emperor to do her bidding!

You want to win the hearts of the people? I’ll deliver it right up to you! Under your orders, the villains have been vanquished, how will you fault me on that?

Jun Wu Xie had shrewdly used the orders previously issued carelessly to Jun Xian by the Emperor back against him, this time a slap across the face of the Son of Heaven, the Emperor himself.

The Emperor could only swallow the insult. He had no excuse to make the army retreat.

But faced with the army within the Imperial City, the claws of fear gripped his heart tightly.

The people might not see the underlying battle of wits at play, but it was all too clear to the Emperor and Mo Qian Yuan.

The Imperial Family’s malicious intent to annihilate the Lin Place was now plainly known to the Jun Family. Jun Wu Xie’s actions tonight, was a big show of might, and a stern warning to the plotters.

“How did the plan for Jun Xian go?” The Emperor pulled Mo Xuan Fei to him and whispered, seeing the tide of events going against him.

Mo Xuan Fei replied in a low voice: “I’ve been told, the mission was a success, and Jun Xian is being escorted to the dungeons in secret.”

There were two aspects to the plan to take out the Lin Palace. The first was to annihilate the Lin Palace, and the second aspect was to lure Jun Xian out of the city and ambush him.

The plan for the Lin Palace had spectacularly failed, but at least Jun Xian’s capture was a success.

“Make sure Jun Xian is watched closely, Jun Wu Xie’s actions are obviously an attempt to locate Jun Xian. Under no circumstances must you allow the Rui Lin Army to find Jun Xian.” The Emperor hissed as his eyes narrowed in malice, intending to hold onto this glimmer of hope tightly. As long as Jun Xian was not found, no one can prove that the culprits behind tonight’s attack on the Jun Family, was in fact the Imperial Family!

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