GDBBM – Chapter 1143

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Chapter 1143: “Flames of War Rise (8)”

The Commander ignored him and merely said to the soldier who had brought in the report: “Bring a warhorse here and send Brother Mu back to the Imperial City.”

“I’m not going back!” Mu Qian Fan shouted!

“You need to return! You are not a citizen of the Qi Kingdom and the affairs of the Qi Kingdom doesn’t need any outsiders interfering in them!” The Commander said sternly.

Mu Qian Fan had wanted to resist further but inside the Commander’s tent, the other leaders quickly tied him up and strapped him onto a warhorse to send it running into the direction of the Imperial City. Mu Qian Fan’s eyes turned red and bloodshot, turning back to look at the battlefield gradually getting further away from him, watching the Rui Lin Army soldiers who fought back their blood, his heart bleeding.

How he wished to be like them, standing upon the battlefield and defending what is most important to one’s heart with their own two hands!

After Mu Qian Fan left, the Commander let out a heavy sigh within his tent.

Outside the Commander’s tent, emergency reports were being raised as the battle entered its more intense phase.

Inside the Commander’s tent, the military leaders raised their wine cups and threw their heads back to drink. They then bowed to pay their respects to the Commander without a word and then turned to depart.

The Commander stood alone within the tent and watched the stalwart and determined backs of the brothers who had gone through life and death with him, his eyes misted up into a blur by tears. That gaze, was to become his last memory of them, as they would not be coming back alive.

In the empty Commander’s tent, the Commander fell back onto the ground, his hands covering his face, his shoulders shaking faintly, a stifled cry coming out from his throat.

Men’s tears do not shed easily, till it really hits the heart!

This battle, went on for three days and three nights. The thirty five thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers who held their position to the death all perished, with not a single one alive. The rest of the Qi Kingdom’s army soldiers met their end tragically as well and the entire battlefield was filled with dead bodies, their blood flowing to the ground forming into red streams, meandering through every inch of the lands.

The Condor Country’s army’s armoured cavalry, stepped over the bodies of the Rui Lin Army soldiers, and attacked the enemy’s main camp.

The soldiers at the camp fought with everything they had, using the last vestiges of their strength, to resist against the enemy cavalry.


The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief sat atop his towering warhorse, and came to the Rui Lin Army’s Commander’s tent. Inside the camp, the dead bodies of the Rui Lin Army soldiers were everywhere. His brows knitted up together, as he looked at the Rui Lin Army who were famed to be the most ferocious strike force.

Even as an enemy on the opposing side, he could not help but respect and admire these soldiers of blood and iron.

It had been consecutive days of battle, and the progress of the four country allied forces had been repeatedly impeded and slowed. The other forces of the Qi Kingdom were not worth mentioning but the one that had given him the biggest headache had been the Rui Lin Army who had the least amount of men.

On this battlefield, the Rui Lin Army had totaled only about thirty over thousand. But it was exactly these thirty over thousand men who had properly chomped off three hundred thousand soldiers from his army!

One against ten!

That was what made this force so terrifying!

“Your army has been annihilated. If you surrender, I can spare you your life.” The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief said as he stared at the Commander’s tent. He knew, that the Commander of this troop of Rui Lin Army was seated right inside the tent.

Throughout the entire battlefield, the only soldier of the Rui Lin Army still alive, was only this man!

It was silent inside the Commander’s tent. The Condor Country’s Commander in Chief raised his arm and had his soldiers surround the tent, where they sent thrust the long spears in their hands into the tent on all sides!

A loud clatter sounded!

The Commander’s tent was shredded apart!


A tall towering figure stood right in the middle of the collapsed tent. He was wearing silver armour, a long spear gripped in his hand, a fiery red cape draped carelessly behind him. His eyes were on fire, standing firm as a mountain, the brilliant light of dusk behind him, looking as if he was plated in golden glow.

“The Rui Lin Army only has men who die in battle, and none who surrenders without mettle! Come fight!” The Commander of the Rui Lin Army suddenly thrust out his long spear, unafraid of the soldiers who surrounded him heavily, as he flew right towards the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief!

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