GDBBM – Chapter 1144

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Chapter 1144: “A Soldier’s Spirit Lives On (1)”

The tempestuous wind howled, kicking up a yellow storm of sand, as the Condor Country’s army flattened the Rui Lin Army’s encampment, making their way towards the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City.

In the Rui Lin Army’s camp, the military tents were set ablaze, the fiery glow shooting upwards, lighting up the dimming skies . In the middle of the raging fires, the Rui Lin Army’s Camp Commander stood erect, his body upright with his unbending back, exemplifying the steel hard will of the most ferocious strike force, never to fall!

Among the roaring flames, he stood tall and proud, countless arrow shafts pierced through his armour, into his body, together with the numerous blade wounds covered all over his body. Blood flowed as if from a spring out from his wounds, down his armour. His eyes had already lost the twinkle they had always held, the light gone out of them. He could no longer see the land he and his men had protected all their lives, and neither could his ears hear the howling of the wind.

Till death, he had not fallen before the enemy, the spirit of a soldier permeating his entire body, his hand gripped around the spear as he stood like a statue erected upon the blood soaked land!

The spear that had morphed from a ring spirit glittered with specks of light under the fire, its owner’s demise not allowing it to remain much longer upon the mortal realm, but…..

Even when the Commander’s blood had fully covered it completely, it was still unwilling, and was refusing to leave…..

Till its final struggles fizzled out completely, the spear gradually began to disappear within the howling wind and the raging flames, the Commander’s stiffened body remained standing with the glow of the fire reflecting off his armour, forever….. and ever….. unyielding, indomitable!

Over thirty thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers annihilated, hundred over thousand Qi Kingdom army soldiers fallen upon the battlefield, their spilled blood causing a thick stench of blood to permeate everywhere throughout the entire piece of land.

The enemy army defeated, their soldiers dead, the Condor Country’s army charged straight in, driving themselves into the heart of the Qi Kingdom. Several more cities were thoroughly cleansed by the raging flames of war, as the armoured cavalry of the Condor Country swept through them!

Without the cover from the army, the citizens in the various cities fled in a panic running in all directions, as blood and merciless killing filled their eyes. They were just citizens who did not possess any battle power, and under the Condor Country’s merciless blade, they had nowhere to run!

Over ten cities were brutally taken out, without a single survivor left from all of them!

The Condor Country’s army was approaching closer and closer to the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City, and the refugees who had fled from many places were weary and exhausted.

“Quick! Get everyone out of the city!” The Lord of the City said on the eve before the Condor Country’s army were supposed to reach them, transferring all the citizens within the city out. Upon the city’s walls, the soldiers standing guard held their swords in hand as they peered far into the distance, the blood within them boiling, every nerve within their body stretched taut.

[Just a bit more time!] [Just a little bit more!]

They prayed countless times in their hearts, that they would have more time, to let their family members escape this hell in purgatory.

Even if there was only the tiniest sliver of hope, they wished that their family would be able to live.

As the citizens were continuously being moved out, a troop of soldiers instead came marching in from the city gates at the back.

“And all of you are?” The Lord of the City asked, his face puzzled, as he busied himself with the citizens’ evacuation.

The leader of the troop of soldiers stepped forth, dressed in light armour, his face well weathered, a grey white beard verifying his advanced years in age, but within that pair of wizened eyes, it could be seen they held a chivalrous glint that shocked one who looked into them!

“My humble self am the previous High General of the Rui Lin Army, Long Zhan! I received news that our army on the frontline were annihilated and I have specially brought some men here to prepare to meet the enemy!” Long Zhan’s eyes were ablaze, not exhibiting the slightest sign of senility nor his advanced age!

The eyes of the Lord of the City widened as he stared in disbelief. The name Long Zhan had rang loudly throughout the entire Qi Kingdom and beyond twenty years ago. That was in the beginning when the Qi Kingdom had just been established, when the Rui Lin Army had been at its pinnacle of glory, with the Rui Lin Army soldiers numbering several times what it was now!

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