GDBBM – Chapter 1142

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Chapter 1142: “Flames of War Rise (7)”

On the battlefield in the west, the city had been extensively wrecked by the enemy soldiers. Mu Qian Fan stood within the military camp, watching as the Rui Lin Army leaders planned out the upcoming battle upon the map. Outside, the sounds of battle raged on incessantly, the cries from the slaughter ringing continuously in their ears.

Under the large tent, the armour of all the leaders were stained with blood but they did not even have the time to clean it off. In such an intense battle, every minute and every single second they had was fought for with the very lives of their soldiers.

“The Condor Country’s allied army’s numbers are too great! Our brothers are not able to hold them back!” One of the leaders smashed a fist upon the table in anger, blood immediately flowing out from the skin around his knuckles.

Another one of the leaders had his face creased up in a deep frown, as he stared at the situation upon the map, his expression highly cautious.

“Have the citizens of the Clear Moon City been evacuated?” He asked.

“A large part of them have been evacuated. This city here is becoming indefensible. Are we going to retreat?”

“There is nowhere for us to retreat to anymore. This road leads straight to the Imperial City and if we pull back, the Condor Country’s allied army will go straight for the golden dragon. The defence of the Imperial City is not yet fully prepared and if they were attacked by the Condor Country now, they would not be able to hold the fort…..” The Commander’s brows were knotted tightly together, his eyes almost boring two holes into the map, wanting merely to find an avenue where they could just hope for a victory against the overwhelming odds.

Unfortunately, the number of soldiers they held were too few, and were completely inadequate to resist the Condor Country’s enormous army.

Although the Rui Lin Army was highly powerful, but their army of one hundred thousand had been split into four battlefields while the barracks in every outpost had only about twenty thousand men. Even if they combined with all the other forces in the Qi Kingdom, they would still not be a match for the Condor Country’s allied forces.

The Qi Kingdom while in the hands of the previous Emperor, squandered away too much time, where the Qi Kingdom’s army had missed out on the best opportunity for training. Even when Mo Qian Yuan had tried to rectify it immediately after he ascended into the throne, but within just this one short year, wanting to train up the other forces of the Qi Kingdom to become like the Rui Lin Army as Masters of iron and blood, was just plain wishful thinking.

And they could not afford to retreat anymore. If they pulled back one more step, their Imperial City would be in crisis and once the Imperial City was taken, the Qi Kingdom….. would have completely fallen!

As was the nature of all military men, none of the leaders within that tent was willing to make the decision to retreat. They were all wrecking their brains trying find an opportunity within the crisis.

“We fight! We can only continue to fight them! The has Duke left this place in our hands and had also allocated another ten thousand men to us. And with the primary force of the Qi Kingdom’s army here with us, if we fail again, how are we going to answer to the trust the Duke and His Majesty has placed in us! ?” The Commander said through gritted teeth.

“We’ll beat them till they cry for their mothers! It’s just the Condor Country! I will give everything I have to take them on! I won’t lose out once I kill one, and I will have earned with just two of them! If they want to exterminate the Qi Kingdom, then they will have to do it stepping over the bodies of us, the Rui Lin Army!” The leader shouted emotionally, hot blood surging within his chest.

The Qi Kingdom cannot fall! The Rui Lin Army will not fall!

“If our heads roll, it’ll just leave a big scar! When we meet back in netherworld, we brothers will reunite and still kick up a storm!”

“Reporting! The Condor Country is charging us on the right!” A soldier said hurriedly, rushing in from outside the tent.

A leader lifted up the strong wine on the table and poured it down his throat. He then turned to the others under the tent and said as he waved: “Brothers! I will make a move first! In the netherworld, I will go open up a path for my brothers!”

Immediately after saying that, he turned and walked outside taking wide strides!

That farewell, was one where they would be parted between life and death, and there was no turning back!

Mu Qian Fan clenched his jaw as he watched, and when he could not hold himself back any longer, he strode up to stand before the Commander.

“This insignificant soldier requests to join the battle!”

The Commander looked at him and shook his head.

“Why! ?” Mu Qian Fan asked, his eyes flaring wide.


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