GDBBM – Chapter 1139

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Chapter 1139: “Flames of War Rise (4)”

“Master! You have not even shut your eyes for several days and nights! Leave this to us and go get some rest first.” The disciples who have followed Mu Chen to come to the Qi Kingdom said worriedly as they looked at the pale faced Mu Chen.

With the Qi Kingdom under attack, the Lin Palace had become the main force to bear the brunt of the attacks and the entire Lin Palace, from Duke Lin Jun Xian, to the last soldier in the Rui Lin Army, they had all rushed at the first instance to the various battlefronts. Mu Chen had not forgotten what he promised Jun Xie. For three years, he was willing to serve under the Lin Palace and hence, when Jun Xian and Jun Qing had set forth, he had volunteered his services and gone to the battlefields where the fighting was most intense.

Although he did not possess much fighting prowess, but he possessed the ability to heal. He seeked not to kill a hundred of the enemies, but merely to save as many lives as he could, to allow the Qi Kingdom to have a chance to breathe a little, faced with the oppression of the enemy’s enormous army.

Even if he ended up just a cup of water before a burning ox cart, he was willing to take on the highly arduous task.

“No need.” Mu Chen waved his hand dismissively. The cries of the injured rang out all around him and the blood that stained his hands had turned cold, causing his hands to shiver uncontrollably. He could no longer remember how many people’s wounds he had treated in this period. He had always prided himself on his excellent knowledge in Medicine but in these past few days, right before his eyes and under his hands, the number of people dying was growing more and more. The warriors who returned from the battlefields presenting harrowing scenes of heinous wounds and spilled guts had made his heart rise into his throat.

He was here because of his promise to Jun Xie but when he saw the soldiers of the Qi Kingdom still charging onto the battlefield without the slightest hesitation even when they knew they were outmatched by the enemy,  engaging the enemy soldiers that outnumbered them more than ten to one ferociously, Mu Chen’s heart was completely astounded!

He vividly remembered, on the first day that the battles had started, the allied army of the four countries had appeared with no prior signs. The Qi Kingdom’s borders were hit hard and it was very late in the night, under a torrential downpour. He had been sitting within the Lin Palace and chatting with Jun Xian when Long Qi suddenly rushed in anxiously.

[Duke Lin! The eastern region is under attack by a large army from the Crescent Country!] [The southern border is being invaded by the Prosper Country!] [In our northern border, the Shire Country have mobilized their army!] [From the west, the Condor Country has initiated an attack against us!]

It had been four sentences, but it was like four bolts of lightning, that tore the peace in the Qi Kingdom into shreds!

The oppressive strength of a four country allied army, a million lions rushing in like a tide that crashed against the Qi Kingdom’s borders on multiple sides, on that cold and wet night, catching the Qi Kingdom unawares.

Emergency reports came in from all sides! The Qi Kingdom had within one night, lost seventeen cities, and one hundred thousand soldiers had been mercilessly killed in battle!

That night, the Qi Kingdom’s borders had blood mixed into the torrential rain, forming into blood red streams, spreading over the lands and into the soil along the Qi Kingdom’s borders!

On that night, the Rui Lin Army had equipped themselves overnight and Jun Xian had gone into the Palace to request for a decree to mobilize the army. One hundred thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers, led by Jun Xian, Jun Qing, Long Qi, and another general to lead their men to go in the four compass directions in the Qi Kingdom, to ride their horses through the night, swiftly rushing towards the different battlefronts!

Without the slightest and most minute hesitation, the Rui Lin Army had moved out that very night. Mu Chen still remembered, when Long Qi had brought in the report on the estimated number of the enemy soldiers, Jun Qing’s eyes had flashed with shock.

An enemy army more than ten times the size of theirs.

A million lions!

With one hundred thousand Rui Lin Army, how were they going to push them back!

This battle, if they went, would result in certain death with no chance to live!


From the top all the way down to the last man at the bottom of the Rui Lin Army, not a single man backed out. They slipped into the black metal light armour, swords gripped in their hands, and rode into the rain straight towards the various battlefields!

Mu Chen could still remember. On the night, when the one hundred thousand Rui Lin Army Soldiers had moved out from their army barracks, just how straight and stalwart their backs had been. He had been standing within the icy cold rain as he watched these men famed as the most ferocious strike force, masters of blood and iron, a prologue to their return to the battlefield!



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