GDBBM – Chapter 1140

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Chapter 1140: “Flames of War Rise (5)”

A hundred thousand Rui Lin Army soldiers threw themselves into the battlefield. Mu Chen did not know how many among them would be able to return alive, or should it be said….. among them, would anyone even return…..

“The Condor Country’s army is charging in! Everyone abandon the city! Move back immediately!” His entire figure covered in blood, the general shouted as he rushed to the city’s gates. One of his arms had been cut off and he gripped a long spear in the other. His face was filled with gory slash wounds and he was shouting for everyone within the city to immediately evacuate.

Everyone within the city were stunned. They had not expected that the Condor Country’s army would reach here in such a short period of time.

“Do not bring anything with you! Just leave immediately! Hurry! Ready the horses! Bring out all the war horses within the city and hand them all over to the children and elderly!” The soldiers within the city quickly responded, immediately arranging for the citizens to retreat.

Mu Chen heard their words and he was shocked, causing him to abandon all concerns to run hurriedly to come before the soldiers.

“Why are you giving up the horses? What are you really trying to do! ?” Mu Chen asked, his eyes staring widely, an ominous feeling beginning to spread within his heart.

The soldier looked at Mu Chen blankly and then said in a hostile voice: “Why are you asking so much nonsense! Scram now if you don’t want to die! We don’t need people who are weaklings just like you here to drag us down! Guards! Send this doctor here away! Don’t let him stay here and shoot his mouth off non stop!”

Immediately, several soldiers chased Mu Chen to the city gates at the back. Many citizens had already gathered there and the younger children and weaker elderly were pushed up onto the armoured warhorses as the soldiers within the city pulled the gates open, ushering them out hastily, to leave this doomed place far behind.

Mu Chen had adamantly refused to leave, but he was forcefully dragged away by his disciples.

“Master! For them, you have toiled and tolled so hard but they are being so unappreciative now. Why do you still want to bother about them? The Condor Country’s army is coming and we should go now!” The frightened disciples were dragging Mu Chen, as they followed the escaping refugees.

As they saw the last batch of common citizens leaving the city, the soldier who had chased Mu Chen away gave a heavy sigh. He stood by the city’s gates and towards the direction where Mu Chen and the others had left, he solemnly gave a low bow.

“Hey! Why are you still standing around!” A soldier then shouted anxiously.

The soldier immediately replied: “I scolded a benefactor earlier, and was feeling guilty.”

“Moron, what you did was right. If he had not left, do you want him to die here together with us! ? Hurry up! The signal has been raised! Seal the city’s gates and prepare for battle!”

“Let’s move!”

Mu Chen was dragged along as they made their escape, but there was still a persistent nagging feeling that remained in his heart. He kept glancing back in the direction of the city they had just left from and then he suddenly seemed to realize something as his gaze swung around to look at all the common citizens all around him.

And among all the people he saw, there were only common citizens, without a single armoured soldier among them.

“Wait a minute! All the injured soldiers!”

Mu Chen suddenly shouted out in shock. Among the entire group of people, there wasn’t a single soldier among them, not even the injured ones who had been treated by him were there with them.

Mu Chen’s shout in shock suddenly made everyone freeze.

At the moment that Mu Chen voice fell, a loud crash suddenly sounded from a far distance away!

The city that they had just walked out from not long ago, was suddenly blown up into smithereens right before their eyes. The flames surged towards the sky, painting the dim horizon in a red glow!

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