GDBBM – Chapter 1138

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Chapter 1138: “Flames of War Rise (3)”

“Alright!” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly: “I am willing to claim the throne.”

Lei Chen and Lei Xi were ecstatic and they immediately paid their respects in a grand voice.

“Your loyal vassals welcomes Your Majesty!”

The frosty chill deep within Jun Wu Xie’s eyes had not melted away as she turned and looked at the Thousand Beast City covered with the sea of flowers.

She had just rescued the Thousand Beast City out of the abyss and now, she must definitely liberate her hometown from the flames of war!

[Nobody, is allowed to harm her family in the slightest!] [Or else, even if she had to die for it, she would still make them pay for it with their blood!]

“Your Majesty! While your humble servant was making his way here, I have already readied the army. All that is needed now is for Your Majesty to return to the Imperial Capital with your loyal vassal to hold the ceremony for the ascension to the throne and we’ll be able to mobilize the army to go to the Qi Kingdom the very next day!” Lei Chen went on to say. He had placed his stakes right! Jun Xie really did value the Qi Kingdom highly.

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie nodded. The Qi Kingdom was facing a huge crisis and Grandfather and Uncle were trapped within the smoke over the flames of war. She will not sit back and watch the fire burn!

That very night, on his very own big day, Jun Xie announced that he was returning to the Fire Country and Qu Ling Yue who was still dressed in her wedding dress expressed her willingness to accompany him and then delegated to Xiong Ba to take charge of all affairs, big and small within the Thousand Beast City temporarily. Thereafter, disappearing into the night, Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao, Qiao Chu and the rest of the companions stepped forth on their way, to go back to the Fire Country.

On this journey, once the first step was taken, they would not have any opportunity to turn back again.

The companions who set out that night, had absolutely no idea of the kind of terrifying change, that going into this war, would bring about to their future.

Jun Xie returned to the Fire Country under a lot of fanfare and the ceremony for the ascension was held the very same day. The Empress Dowager made an appearance personally and before all the kneeling officials who bowed to pay their respects, Jun Wu Xie, resplendent in a golden dragon robe, stepped up onto the throne in the Fire Country which symbolized supreme and unparalleled authority!

And on the very same afternoon that the newly minted Emperor ascended to the throne, as their ruler, the first decree that was handed down…..

Was to mobilize the army to save the Qi Kingdom!


Inside the Qi Kingdom’s borders, beacons of war burned everywhere. The sounds of blades clashing continued non stop, and under the spreading fires of war, the lands lay charred and ravaged, with bodies burnt black everywhere. Upon these bodies, were black coloured armour, who still gripped their weapons in their hands upon death, who fought the enemy to a bloody end, never admitting defeat!

“Hurry! Send the injured into the city!”

“Where’s the physician! Physicians! Send someone over here! The people here are not going to last much longer!”

“Who can save my son! Please save him!”


The pitiful cry of despair howled into the skies in a city somewhere in the central region. Soldiers who had just pulled back from the frontlines were wounded and weary, the ground they stepped upon leaving trails of blood imprinted from under their feet, dragging their broken arms and some with missing limbs, the stench of blood hanging so heavily around them that it was nauseating.

Several cities at the borders of the Qi Kingdom had been breached consecutively in the past few days and the enemy had their morale boosted as they rode the momentum, striking hard at the Qi Kingdom’s forces in a mad rush in several battlefields. At that time, the entire Qi Kingdom had been washed in blood by the rushing tide.

Mu Chen stood within the city, his hands fully stained with blood. The blood had all come from the wounded soldiers he had treated. The horrors of war had opened the eyes and shocked the heart of this man who had spent half his life as a youth within the Qing Yun Clan. His pair of hands had been soaked in blood for several days on end, the soldiers who had struggled so hard to live under them, the writhing citizens who had been dragged into the merciless ravages of war, the incessant and unending cries and and screams, crept into his mind like the demon of his dreams.

Mu Chen had thought that in the Qing Yun Clan, he had seen the most horrifying side of the world, till the Qi Kingdom was invaded on four sides, he realized that he had been wrong.

Under the Heavens, there wasn’t nothing more cruel than war!

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