GDBBM – Chapter 1129

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Chapter 1129: “Jealous (3)”

Jun Wu Yao could not make himself imagine, a scene with Jun Wu Xie dressed in a fiery red wedding dress, and standing next to another person . Just the very thought of it, would make him want to blast the person standing next to her into a million pieces.

“I am not really going to marry her.” Jun Wu Xie said, still panting slightly.

“Oh? Then what is this?” Jun Wu Yao asked, his eyes narrowing up.

“I need to not let her, continue to become the subject of humiliation, coming out from anyone’s mouth. I want to make her to be able to stand before everyone once again, and have no one dare to say another word against her. She needs an identity, and I can give it to her….. Or more accurately, “Jun Xie” can give it to her.” No matter how dense Jun Wu Xie was with such things, she still understood what marriage was. A union mostly between man and woman, and in the eyes of other people now, she was just a young youth. What people saw with their eyes, was merely a cold and indifferent “Jun Xie”, and not the Young Miss of the Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie.

The murder within Jun Wu Yao’s eyes, gradually faded away. His fingers ran through Jun Wu Xie’s hair, and he said in a highly gentle voice: “So what?”

Jun Wu Xie sighed. Although she hated to explain things to others the most, but a voice deep in her heart was telling her at that moment, that she needed to explain all her intentions to Jun Wu Yao to let him understand everything, or….. Jun Wu Yao would definitely send Qu Ling Yue right down to hell in the next moment.

“Jun Xie needs to become the pillar behind Qu Ling Yue. This is what I owe her. Only when she is free from having others debate about her, will she be able to pick herself up again. I am a girl myself, so between us, it couldn’t possibly result in anything more. I only wish to protect her for a time, till she finds someone she truly loves in the future, she will be free to pursue her own love, and entering into a marriage with another girl like me, will not caused her to have any complications with her future husband at that time.”

Jun Wu Xie’s thought about the entire thing, was extremely simple. She only wanted to become the pillar behind Qu Ling Yue.

Jun Wu Yao raised up an eyebrow. “What if she doesn’t find an ideal man? Wouldn’t it mean that you would have to continue to carry on the marriage in name with her?”

Jun Wu Xie shook her head. “I am Jun Wu Xie, not Jun Xie. When the time comes when I am able to openly return home, “Jun Xie” will then cease to exist. And by that time, I believe that Qu Ling Yue would have become strong enough, whereby without needing me to be around, she will still be able to face any challenges that might come her way.”

From being a delicate flower kept in the greenhouse, to grow up to become strong willed enough to overcome all obstacles, would require a period of time of grinding. And what Jun Wu Xie wanted to do, was to hold an umbrella over Qu Ling Yue, to allow her to be able to last through this grinding period of time.

Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie, and the rage in his eyes began to slowly subside. This was the first time, that Jun Wu Xie had been willing to be so patient, to explain so much to him. And he had earlier detected, that Jun Wu Xie’s silver needles, had been pressed against his neck, but this time, she had not stabbed them into him. When his emotions had almost slipped beyond his control as he raged in madness, she had actually not retaliated. That had gradually diminished the murder that had originally surged within him.

If this had been before, those few silver needles that Jun Wu Xie held in her hand, would have already been completely stuck right into his neck.

“You can go ahead with your plan, but there is one point that you will need to promise me.” Jun Wu Yao said.


“The person to carry out the rites for the marriage ceremony cannot be done by you.” Jun Wu Yao said as he tapped his finger upon Jun Wu Xie’s forehead, right between the brows. Even when he knew that everything was not real, he still could not make himself accept that.

Jun Wu Xie blinked blankly and said: “I had intended to have Brother Hua take my place all along.”

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