GDBBM – Chapter 1130

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Chapter 1130: “Jealous (4)”

Although Jun Wu Xie has never gotten married before, but she had seen the marriage ceremonies take place within the Qi Kingdom in the past and the tedious intricacies involved, was not something that she was able to accept.

In any case, since Hua Yao was most skilled in disguises, these tasks would be best suitable to be left to him.

After hearing those words from Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao’s eyes were finally able to smile.

“Then do what you want.” As long as it was not Little Xie standing there dressed in clothes ready to be wed, all others, Jun Wu Yao did not mind, and there was nothing that was worth his attention.

Jun Wu Xie’s wedding partner, can only be him alone, and not anyone else.

Sensing that Jun Wu Yao’s emotions had reverted to normal, Jun Wu Xie creased up her brows together, and the two small hands pressed against Jun Wu Yao’s chest push slightly.

That was when Jun Wu Yao realized that the strength he exerted earlier, must have hurt Jun Wu Xie somehow.

“Apologies, lost control of my emotions a little there.” Jun Wu Yao smiled and kissed the top of Jun Wu Xie’s head, and released his arm around Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie shot Jun Wu Yao a glance, and subconsciously felt her slightly red and swollen lips, and the gaze that was looking at Jun Wu Yao turned slightly strange as well.

Jun Wu Yao still continued to smile. “Does it hurt? I’ll help you massage it a little.” He reached out his hand towards Jun Wu Xie little mouth as he spoke, and Jun Wu Xie immediately pulled up her hand and smacked that dishonest paw away.

“The next time, I will not hold my hand back.” Jun Wu Xie tried hard to put on a stern face, as she waved her silver needles in her hand. She did not why she had stayed her hand at the very last second as well.

Jun Wu Yao laughed good naturedly and said: “Alright, if there’s a next time, I’ll let Little Xie make me a porcupine, alright?”

Jun Wu Xie nodded satisfactorily and then kept her needles away. Casting another glance at Jun Wu Yao, she then turned and ran upstairs.

A pity Jun Wu Xie had completely failed to notice that Jun Wu Yao had not promised that he would not commit such deeds in the future. What he had merely agreed to, was if that happened the next time, he would obediently suffer Jun Wu Xie’s “resistance”. Jun Wu Xie’s silver needles, to other people were highly deadly, but to a certain demon lord, they were something that did not hurt or tickle him. Even if he was to be pricked to become a porcupine, he would still be able to continue to get fresh with her!

Watching Jun Wu Xie’s back that almost looked to be “running away”,  the darkness in Jun Wu Yao’s heart finally dispersed completely.

Jun Wu Xie ran up to the seventh floor of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers with her face slightly flushed. When she came to the top floor, her steps slowed slightly and she walked slowly to come before Qu Ling Yue’s room.

As expected, she had just come near to the tightly shut door when from inside the room, a series of hurried and flustered steps sounded, and even the clatter of some things being dropped or toppled in haste.

Jun Wu Xie stood at the door, looking at the tightly locked door, knowing the Qu Ling Yue inside, must have hidden herself up again.

“I know that you are inside.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Not a single sound came out from inside.

“There is one matter that I need to tell you. It doesn’t matter even if you do not open the door, as you only need to hear this.” Jun Wu Xie did not care whether the door before her was opened, or closed.

Inside the room, Qi Ling Yue had both her legs curled up tightly, as her back leaned against the side of the bed, her arms curled around her knees, and her head buried between those knees. Jun Wu Xie’s voice came into her ears, which brought about a slight trembling.

She was not willing to see Jun Wu Xie, was because she was frightened, and also because she was ashamed…..

Although she was still living, but all those things that had happened, were all still highly vivid in her mind, unforgettable and inerasable. She didn’t even need to go hear with her own ears, but she knew only too clearly, that when people spoke about her, just how unbearable and harsh those words were.


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