GDBBM – Chapter 1128

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Chapter 1128: “Jealous (2)”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened. At that moment, Jun Wu Yao’s demeanor was a little different from before. The corners of his mouth were still arced up in a smile, but Jun Wu Xie could no longer find the mirth that she always saw in those eyes.

“Because you pity her and you are going to marry her? She had been hoping to die all this time, so why don’t I help you kill her and grant her her wish?” Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed up slightly and the hand holding Jun Wu Xie’s chin involuntarily exerted some strength and the skin below his fingertips turned faintly red. The violet light within his eyes fluctuated uncontrollably and green veins popped up upon his greatly tensed up hand. He fought very hard to contain his surging emotions to not allow himself to lose control, by squashing the tiny figure before his eyes.

“I’ll help you kill her, alright?” Having not gotten a reply from Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao repeated his question in a soft voice, but his words and tone had already betrayed his murderous intent and that he was not joking, and would be true to his word.

Jun Wu Xie stared unwaveringly at somewhat unfamiliar Jun Wu Yao before her eyes, her clear eyes not showing the slightest bit of fear, but was tinged with puzzlement and confusion instead.

Seeing the look of confusion in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, Jun Wu Yao drew in a deep breath, and suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Jun Wu Xie around the waist, forcefully lifting her body up while at the same time lowering his head to firmly clasp his mouth over that little mouth that was slightly open.

It was an highly invasive and punishing kiss, which drew out all the air from inside Jun Wu Xie’s chest, the strong and powerful arm drawing her petite little body deep into his embrace, where she was stuck closely together to him, without the slightest gap between them.

Feeling like he wanted to mesh her right into his bones, wishing for her to forever belong to him alone, the intense desire to take everything she was assaulted at every cell within Jun Wu Yao, the discontent in his mind pulling the string taut and stretching it to its limits, seemingly like it could possibly snap at any moment, which would then make him lose all control!

Jun Wu Xie pushed against Jun Wu Yao’s chest futilely, the feeling of being oppressed had come too suddenly, which put her at a loss at that moment. Moreover, her strength when placed before Jun Wu Yao’s, was just so insignificant, and she couldn’t budge him in the slightest.

Every inch of her mouth seemed filled with his breath and she did not even have the chance to breathe. Her gradually oxygen deprived brain began to develop a throbbing ache and she subconsciously drew out her needles from her fingertips, only wanting to put an end to the confusing and frenetic situation. But in the instant that those needlepoints were pressed against Jun Wu Yao’s vital points, Jun Wu Yao’s highly tensed arm suddenly relented, and she wasn’t able to stab those silver needles in his acupoints…..

The icy cold sharp points were pressed against Jun Wu Yao’s skin, and did not pierce him. But as he moved, it lightly brushed against his skin and the slight pain from that light scratch, had immediately pulled Jun Wu Yao back to his consciousness!

Sensing the slight trembling from the tiny figure within his arms, he suddenly retracted the strength in his arm, and raised his head, pulling himself slightly apart from Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Wu Xie’s face was already covered in a pick flush and the air that surged right back into her chest caused her to suddenly choke and cough, making her face turn more rosy, and her clear eyes to lightly mist up, brought about from the choking cough.

Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie’s flushed cheeks through half narrowed eyes, his gaze falling upon her slightly red and swollen lips. He raised up his hand and gently rubbed his finger over those moist lips.

“I do not allow, you to marry her. No matter if it’s Qu Ling Yue or anyone else, whether it’s to take in a wife or marrying yourself off, I will not allow it.”

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