GDBBM – Chapter 1127

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Chapter 1127: “Jealous (1)”

That man was sent flying straight out through the door, to crash heavily to the ground and vomiting out a mouthful of blood. He struggled hard to raise his head and looked at Jun Xie in confusion, puzzlement in his eyes.

“Young Master Jun….. I….. Have I said anything wrong….. Why have you…..”

“Shut up.” Jun Wu Xie shouted in a cold voice.

Xiong Ba who had almost moved to strike was standing stunned on one side, having not expected that Jun Xie would have moved faster than him. It must be said though, seeing the old Clan Chief being kicked outside like this, greatly relieved the pent up rage within his heart!

“Young Mas…..”

“You hear this clearly now.” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowing up slightly.

“Three day from now, I will be marrying Qu Ling Yue in the Thousand Beast City. If I am to hear anyone say a single disparaging word about her, I will break that person’s neck.” Jun Wu Xie’s tone was frosty, her words infused with rage.

“What! !” Immediately after Jun Wu Xie’s words left her mouth, needless to mention about the old Clan Chief, even Xiong Ba and Qiao Chu were instantly speechless, their eyes bulged almost popping out of their heads.

Xiong Ba was so getting so excited his entire body was trembling. He had known that Qu Ling Yue had developed feelings for Jun Xie, but Jun Xie had not done anything to show reciprocation. After Qu Ling Yue was put through all that, even Xiong Ba felt that it was no longer possible for anything to happen between Qu Ling Yue and Jun Xie. But….. Jun Xie had at this moment suddenly said, he would be marrying Qu Ling Yue! !

Xiong Ba’s mind completely blanked out.

Qiao Chu gasped loudly and stared with wide incredulous eyes.

[Little Xie was going to marry Qu Ling Yue?] [What the hell was this! ?] [No doubt that Qu Ling Yue’s ordeal was very pitiful, but….. Little Xie, you are a girl you know! You are a pure bred girl through and through! How are you going to marry another girl!]

As everyone there were still overwhelmed in shock, Jun Wu Xie said chillingly to the utterly shocked Clan Chief: “Now scram!”

The Clan Chief immediately picked up his legs and ran away in fright.

It wasn’t a till a long while later that Xiong Ba finally managed to regain his senses and was about to say something when his gaze fell upon the back of Jun Xie. He immediately shivered and in that instant turned tail and fled!

“Little Xie, about this, shouldn’t you…..” Qiao Chu had just opened his mouth to express the immense shock within his heart when he had just turned his head, and he immediately froze in his spot.

“Big Brother Wu Yao! !”

Jun Wu Xie’s body stiffened as she turned hesitantly, quickly spotting Jun Wu Yao, not knowing from when he had appeared behind her. His face was showing the devilishly charming smile that she was so familiar with, but that smile did not reach his eyes in the slightest, and within those jet black eyes, it was seen that they were faintly revealing a purplish tinge!

“Little Xie, is going to marry that girl?” Jun Wu Yao asked slowly, his voice light as a feather, brushing past one’s heart.

Jun Wu Xie’s mouth gaped open. It was originally already decided, but without knowing why, upon seeing the cold chill in Jun Wu Yao’s eyes, she could not make herself say it no matter how hard she tried.

This was also the first time that she had seen Jun Wu Yao look at her with such eyes.

“Big Brother Wu Yao, Little Xie was just kidding. She is a girl, how is it possible for her to marry Qu Ling Yue?” Even the incredibly dense Qiao Chu could sense the strange vibes coming from Jun Wu Yao, and he instinctively tried to make up an excuse for Jun Wu Xie.

“Scram.” Jun Wu Yao spat out just one word that was cold as frost, his gaze not having moved an inch.

Qiao Chu disappeared completely from the room in the same instant.

[Big Brother Wu Yao today, was just too terrifying!]

On the first floor of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, only Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao were left.

Jun Wu Yao walked slowly to come before Jun Wu Xie, his hand reaching out to hold Jun Wu Xie by the chin, and lifted her face up slightly.

“You want to marry her? Hmm?”


Lord Jue: Come out here!

Author Bei: I will not come out even if I die in here! I will lose my life if I go out there!

Lord Jue: You think, by hiding, you will then be able to live?

Author Bei: My Lord! Let me explain first! Qu Ling Yue is a girl! Wu Xie is also a girl! The two of them will not be able to create any disharmonious situations! You must cool down! ! It’s just but marrying right! When in school, many girls address other girls as wifey as well….. Wu Xie! Save me! ARRRGGGHHH! Your Lord Jue is going to kill your birth mum here! For the love of the god, come save me!

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