GDBBM – Chapter 1118

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Chapter 1118: “I Came To Bring You Home (5)”

Maybe Qu Ling Yue at this point when her mind was on the verge of collapse, she was still thinking….. that Jun Xie would come save her.

Jun Wu Xie’s chest felt like a huge rock had been placed upon it, making it hard for her to breathe.

Ye Sha did not dare to handle Qu Ling Yue too roughly but could not allow her to continue to hurt herself. Hence, he had no choice but to knock her unconscious and carried her up. After nodding briefly to Jun Wu Xie, he carried Qu Ling Yue outside.

Within the cell, silence fell. The only sound Jun Wu Xie could hear, was her own breathing.

She had never been a good person herself, and she had dealt with Qu Xin Rui because Qu Xin Rui had been her enemy, not because she sympathised with the Thousand Beast City’s predicament.

But when she saw Qu Ling Yue in such a state, her emotions had gone a little out of control.

The evil and ugly side of the world, she had seen quite a lot, but there was just one thing, no matter what, she had never been able to tolerate!

That was when such acts of humiliation, were done onto women.

Past and present life, that had not changed in the slightest.

“She will be happier dead than continuing to live.” Jun Wu Yao said, his eyes looking at Jun Wu Xie’s countenance.

Qu Ling Yue’s situation had been highly obvious. Her conscious mind had already fallen apart and even if Jun Wu Xie had the ability to cure her, with all that she had gone through, it would only make her continue to live in agony. Those inerasable memories, would be with her her entire life, tormenting her endlessly.

Jun Wu Xie’s lips stiffened and was silent a moment before she asked:


A strange glint flashed in Jun Wu Yao’s eyes.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised her head.

“When women are put through such unspeakable torment, why must they only choose death? All of this is not her fault and she is merely a victim. Why is it that a victim is instead made to be the one that cannot continue to live? I will not let her die. She has already gone through all this and she has the right to continue to live. There is just no logic in the entire world that wants a girl who has been unfairly treated to seek death to relieve herself from agony and torment.”

Jun Wu Xie still clearly remembered. Before she had joined the organization, while she had still been in that tiny little pet shop, she had at that time, on one morning, witnessed a similar incident. It was a colleague of hers from the pet shop, who had gone home all alone in the middle of the night and was set on by a group of thugs. In the end, that girl had chosen to kill herself with sleeping pills at home.

Jun Wu Xie could not make herself understand it. Why was it when these people were obviously the hapless victims, but they had to suffer treatment harsher than what the culprit was put through. Women must be stronger on their own and no one should be able to decide their fates for them!

“As long as a person still lives, then there is still hope, and there is still a future. Once they are dead, everything is lost.” Jun Wu Xie said looking at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao suddenly smiled. He looked at Jun Wu Xie’s bright and sparkling eyes and his smile became brighter.

“This is what you have believed all this time? So even when you were so severely injured at that time you had still fought so hard to live.” Jun Wu Xie’s words made Jun Wu Yao think back to the time when they had met for the first time. The severity of the injuries that Jun Wu Xie had sustained at that time had reduced her to become not much different from a dead person but she still had not been willing to give up on the slightest opportunity that she would live, and had even released him, a dangerous person with an unknown identity.

“As long as one still holds the will to live, there is nothing that they will be unable to get through. I believe….. Qu Ling Yue will get through this.” Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed, with unwavering certainty.

“Little Xie, do you know, under these Heavens, to a girl, chastity is sometimes viewed as being more important than life itself?” Jun Wu Yao asked, with an eyebrow raised. Although he did not care in the slightest about this saying, but it couldn’t be denied, that was a belief deeply rooted in the minds of many people.


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