GDBBM – Chapter 1117

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Chapter 1117: “I Came To Bring You Home (4)”

Qu Ling Yue however was acting like a startled little beast as she curled up into a ball in terror.

Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt as if her throat had turned dry. She did not know where the highly stifling feeling in her chest had come from but she knew that seeing Qu Ling Yue reduced to such a miserable and wretched state stung her eyes greatly.

As she saw Qu Ling Yue hugging both her arms tightly against herself, seated upon the cold hard floor and her head lifted warily as she looked at her, Jun Wu Xie was suddenly finding it harder and harder to breathe. Jun Wu Xie took off her outer robe and ignoring Qu Ling Yue’s struggles, she forcibly draped it around Qu Ling Yue’s body, covering her up entirely, and hugged Qu Ling Yue’s shaking figure tightly.

“I am Jun Xie. I will not hurt you. Do not be afraid.” Jun Wu Xie crooned in a soft voice, patiently whispering it repeatedly into Qu Ling Yue’s ear to try to comfort her.

Qu Ling Yue’s struggles gradually calmed down, but the heavily ravaged body was still trembling uncontrollably.

“Jun….. Jun….. Xie…..” Qu Ling Yue tried to repeat those two words with much difficulty.

“Mm.” Jun Wu Xie affirmed gently.

“Jun Xie….. Jun Xie…..” The terror within Qu Ling Yue’s eyes gradually faded away, and her eyes slowly turned to look highly aggrieved, where she had just barely calmed down not for too long, she began to struggle violently once again!

“Save me! Jun Xie….. Save me….. Please save me…..” She seemed to be completely oblivious that the person right before her eyes was Jun Xie and continued to struggle in an attempt to escape from there. The chains fastened upon her clinked loudly from her incessant pulling and the wounds were tearing up once more. Blood flowed over the black iron chains and fell to the floor, mixing together with the blood that had not yet congealed!

Jun Wu Xie’s brows immediately creased together. If Qu Ling Yue continued to struggle like this, her hands and legs might very soon be maimed!

Jun Wu Xie made a decision quickly on the spot and gathered her spirit powers into her hands, decisively ripping the chains restraining Qu Ling Yue’s limbs apart.

Suddenly freed from her restraints, Qu Ling Yue suddenly fell forward. Without the support from the chains holding her up, she fell onto the ground in a wretched heap, but she did not let out a single yelp of pain and just used her hands which were fully covered with blood to drag herself across the stone floor, towards the exit of the dungeon.

That was when Jun Wu Xie saw that the thumb on Qu Ling Yue’s right hand had been neatly cut off and the wound had only been carelessly wrapped with bandages and the bandage had already turned black from dirt and dried blood…..

“Save me….. Save me please…..” Qu Ling Yue’s desperate plea sounded like it had been squeezed forth from deep within her chest and that was the only thought within her confused and traumatised consciousness. She did not care about the pain upon her body but only thought to escape from this cage, to get away from this living hell…..

“Ye Sha.” Jun Wu Xie’s voice sounded a little raspy.

Ye Sha immediately appeared within the cell.

“Take her away to get some rest, and don’t let her continue to resist.” Jun Wu Xie said, drawing a deep breath. Qu Ling Yue’s awareness was in complete chaos, the torment in the recent period had completely crushed the pure and innocent girl’s spirit, making her lose her ability to discern what was going on, left with the last vestige of consciousness just before insanity.

If Qu Ling Yue was left to carry on like this, even if Jun Wu Xie were to personally treat her, it would be still be very difficult for Qu Ling Yue to make a full recovery.

Ye Sha nodded and immediately went forward. His approach made Qu Ling Yue cry even louder as she fought furiously to run away from the man’s touch, her mouth repeatedly calling out Jun Xie’s name.


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