GDBBM – Chapter 1119

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Chapter 1119: “I Came To Bring You Home (6)”

“You feel the same way?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

Jun Wu Yao was surprised a moment and he shook his head thereafter.

“That is just an excuse given by the weak. If their will were strong, what difference could one’s physical shell went through change? Who would dare despise you? If it is because of people around them, then all the more they shouldn’t pay any mind to it. A person’s life, should be lived for themselves. If a man would really slight a another person because of such a thing, then that means the man has never truly held his partner within his heart. If he truly loved her, why would he pay any mind to such? Afterall, what the man loved, should be the spirit and soul, on not just the outer shell.”

Jun Wu Yao’s words, was right up Jun Wu Xie’s alley. She had never been one who cared much about what others thought.

Only to live, that was what matters the most!

For the things that happened to Qu Ling Yue, it was still more or less related to her in some way and she could not sit back and do nothing about it.

Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao then left the dungeon.

Qu Ling Yue was temporarily placed in one of the bedrooms within the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and Ye Sha triggered Qu Ling Yue’s sleep acupoint to let her temporarily calm down and not do anything to harm herself any further.

Jun Wu Xie ordered for hot water and a towel to be brought in and she tended to all the wounds on Qu Ling Yue’s body.

Lying upon the bed, it was seen Qu Ling Yue had lost a lot of weight and her body was covered in welts and bruises, her ribs clearly visible under the thin skin. The heavy loss of blood and the prolonged torment had greatly weakened her body but the most serious afflictions were the wounds around her four limbs.

Her lips had badly split and she was seriously dehydrated with many blood wounds upon them.

Jun Wu Xie tended to all her wounds patiently bit by bit, her actions gentle and light, but with much precision. Even though she knew that Qu Ling Yue’s sleep acupoint had been triggered and she would not feel the pain, she still habitually applied medicine that numbed the pain on the wounds.

Outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, Xiong Ba and Qing Yu stood outside not daring to approach the place. Ye Mei had handed Qu Xin Rui over to them and Xiong Ba had arranged for people to imprison Qu Xin Rui in the dungeon of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall. Otherwise, with what Qu Xin Rui had done to the people of the Thousand Beast City, the citizens’ hatred for her would be enough for them to tear her into a million pieces.

After having dealt with Qu Xin Rui’s matters, Xiong Ba and Qing Yu had immediately hurried themselves to come outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers as they had seen Jun Xie heading in this direction when he left. But having reached outside the door, they suddenly did not dare to take another step forward.

All because Ye Sha was standing before the doors completely stone faced and his attitude towards them was cold and unwelcoming.

As Xiong Ba and Qing Yu were standing outside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers feeling at a complete loss, Qiao Chu and his companions came rushing in. The five youths encountered Xiong Ba and Qing Yu at the doors of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and at the very first moment they met, Xiong Ba and Qing Yu immediately hung their heads low guiltily.

The fact that the Thousand Beast City had been rescued from their crisis had been all due to the actions of Jun Xie and his companions. Compared to the betrayal they themselves had done to Jun Xie, they really could not bring themselves to look at Qiao Chu and the others in the eye.

Qiao Chu swept an angry glance over the speechless Xiong Ba and Qing Yu who had their head lowered in shame and snorted derisively. Turning his head away from them, he strode inside the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, unwilling to even say a single word to them at all.

Xiong Ba was bathed in cold sweat. He had lifted his head up before hesitantly trying to say something but stopped himself when he saw the determined backs of the youths, the words right about to come out but stuck within his throat, unable to speak them no matter how hard he tried.

Fan Zhuo was the last one to walk into the Heavenly Cloud Chambers and his foot had just stepped over the Heavenly Cloud Chambers’ door threshold when his body paused a slight moment. He turned his head around and stared at Xiong Ba who was looking highly guilt ridden and tormented with worry before he said:

“Little Xie will save your Young Miss.”


Author Bei: If supposedly….. such a thing had happened to erm….. that someone, what would you, Lord Jue do?

Lord Jue: Make those people regret they were ever born and give….. more love, so much love that she would not have any leisurely time to think of anything else. [You dare to even make such a hypothesis, are you seeking death?]

Author Bei: That was just a hypothesis! Note that I said supposedly!

Wu Xie: What was omitted from your sentences?

Author Bei / Lord Jue: Nothing!



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